Release of Undawn, Tencent's multiplayer survival game for mobile and PC

Undawn released as a mobile game by Tencent Level Infinite

The mobile gaming news calendar is extremely full in June. This week, the release of Undawn invites Tencent's post-apocalyptic territory onto Android and iOS for gamers worldwide. Let's find out more about this headline-grabbing survival MMORPG.

A new MMORPG on mobile

Welcome to a world full of infected that's coming free-to-play to your phones this week with the release of Undawn. 4 years after a catastrophe that devastated the world, the survivors are getting back on their feet, allying or fighting each other to hold out as long as possible. Fight the infected (a type of zombie) as well as gangs, build your shelter, collect weapons and vehicles of all kinds, and don't forget to fill your water bottle in the right place to avoid getting sick.

Undawn Android and iOS survival MMORPG released

Right from its release, Undawn is packed with multiple activities, realistic details and multiplayer mechanics to support an active community. In this mobile survival MMORPG, you have to keep your vital gauges stable, play sports, pay attention to the weather and build a base of resistance against the Infected who are out to get you. In PvE, the experience is well realized and particularly reminiscent of LifeAfter, which was also a huge success on mobile. On the other hand, PvP remains rather shaky at the moment.

Take advantage of Undawn's release to play multiplayer survival on Android, iOS and PC

In any case, the release of Undawn rolls out a vast amount of content, enough to keep you busy for many hours on PC and mobile, with a host of activities and possibilities for sharing your base. Get ready for battle and join the JeuMobi clan now, soldiers, that's an order!

I invite you to join us and share this survival experience with the other members of our Discord and try to cross paths with Will Smith. Test Undawn when it's released by downloading it from Play Store,App Store or Steam now!

Just so you know, we brought you a top mobile MMORPG on the JeuMobi Youtube channel this week, so if survival isn't your thing, there are plenty of other quality experiences to try out on mobile.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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