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Undead Siege : The return of the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode returns with Undead Siege

You were waiting for it and here it is! Call of Duty Mobile 's Zombie mode is back, much to the delight of fans. New game modes, the addition of the Undead Siege mode and a release date... Here's everything you need to know about the return of Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode.

Call of Duty Mobile's Zombie mode returns: what does it look like?

We previously reported on the functionality of this mode on CoD Mobile. It returns with several embedded modes including Raid and Survival mode. Well known to the franchise, almost always offering this mode to players in its PC and console versions, "Zombie" was removed from the Call of Duty mobile game. Indeed, the developers wanted to leave more room for detail in the cooperative games. Activision had plans to rework the mode to make a complete and fully finished version, in their eyes.

It is, apparently, done. The mode is making a comeback under the name Undead Siege, referring to CoD Mobile's new integrated Zombie mode. Here, players will have to fight hordes of zombies, directly on the actual battle map. As usual, the soldier in you must survive these undead attacks and the pandemic for 5 consecutive nights.

Release date of the mode and rewards

Collecting equipment and supplies is in addition to the main objective. In addition, the equipment you find will be used to build a base and for your defences against zombie attacks. You will of course have your arsenal, but also CoD assets, including useful assets against zombies.

In addition, players can earn rewards after playing the mode: up to 25 gifts. The prizes vary depending on the missions completed and include weapons, CoD Mobile characters and more. The teaser released by Activision actually mentions these new missions in the CoD Mobile version of Zombie Mode. The teaser is already very appealing, considering the gameplay revealed.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode
CoD Mobile Zombie mode visual

No official release date in sight. Activision does give some hints that the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode, Undead Siege, will be released in the upcoming Season 6 of the title.

So, are you looking forward to playing CoD Mobile Zombie Mode (again)? Tell us what you think of the gameplay in the trailer! Of course, the mode will be released on your Android and iOS devices.

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