Unmaze - A Myth of Light and Shadow, the mobile game by ARTE France

The mobile game Unmaze from ARTE France

Do you know the television channel ARTE? You know, this French-German educational channel, extremely enriching? Well,ARTE France has decided to release a mobile game in a few days! Unmaze - A Myth of Light & Shadow, is a new and very original phone game. Indeed, the game uses the light sensor system of your smartphone to work. Let's find out all about it together 😉

Unmaze, an unusual mobile game by ARTE France, soon available!

ARTE's new mobile game, Unmaze, tells the story of two boys lost in a maze. The aim of the game is to lead the two boys to the exit. However, you will encounter several difficulties. Indeed, when you help one of the two boys, the other one continues to advance alone and will potentially get lost! To make matters worse, in order to interact with either of them, you will have to place your phone in the light or in the dark. This is the originality of this new mobile game!

ARTE France has designed this game for those who love discovery and puzzle games. Unmaze makes you play with the brightness of your phone, all in a game with elaborate and shivering graphics! This game is strongly inspired by Greek mythology, which should interest many of you! You play as Ariadne (with her famous thread) to help the two boys get out! To talk to the boy named Theseus, you have to place the phone in the light. To help Asterion, you must place the phone in the dark!

An unusual, choose-your-own mobile game already available on iOS and Android. The game will be free for the first chapter, which lasts about an hour, and will be paid for the rest. It's up to you to decide if you want to buy Unmaze after testing chapter 1! Download the game now to test it, you can find it in our list of the latest mobile game releases! 🤩

So, it looks cool, huh? Tell us what you think of this new unusual game in the comments!

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