The mobile version of the FPS Valorant is finally confirmed!

Valorant Mobile

The popular free-to-play PC FPS, Valorant, has just reached the 14 million active player mark! To mark the occasion Riot Games has (finally) confirmed the arrival of a mobile version of Valorant. This version, probably designed for iOS and Android, seems to be currently in development ! We tell you all about this new version of Valorant on smartphone!

The mobile version of Valorant is coming!

As we have already mentioned, there were rumours that a mobile version of Valorant would be released this summer. Indeed, in a press release published by the developers at Riot Games, these statements have been confirmed and we will indeed have the chance to see a Valorant Mobile released in the near future!

After one year of play, Valorant has been able to forge its own community by opening the competitive circuit of the VALORANT Champions Tour. But also, recently, a French circuit has been created, to reach as many players as possible, the VALORANT Open Tour France!

The mobile version of Valorant will take the codes of the PC game, a true immersive and competitive FPS. This is a new springboard to expand its universe to new horizons! This free FPS features 5-player team battles and 13-win games. The mobile version may well take up this concept, although we believe that cross-platform play is not yet on the cards.

"One of the main goals of this first year was to gain the trust and respect of the world's FPS fan community, and to prove to them that VALORANT would always live up to the demands of a competitive tactical shooter. We're looking forward to bringing the same level of competition to even more players around the world," said Anna Donlon, producer of Valorant for Riot Games.

Riot Games wants to expand the Valorant universe with Valorant mobile

The franchise seems to want to extend its FPS to a wider audience. Hence their interest in releasing a phone version for Valorant. This initiative reminds us a lot of the Call of Duty franchise, which took the same approach by releasing the free mobile super FPS, Call of Duty Mobile. The same goes for the much-loved Fortnite or PUBG mobile, which have their own phone version!

Riot Games has also made official its intention to make the mobile game available in many countries, without further details. We only know that the game will be available on several continents and that several languages will then be available on the platform.

Confirmation of the release of Valorant Mobile
Confirmation of the release of Valorant Mobile

For the time being, we assume a release on iOS and Android, but here again, no details are available to confirm this assumption! No date is mentioned by Riot Games concerning the release of the mobile game Valorant. The only thing to do, so far, concerning the mobile version of Valorant, is... to wait!

So, are you excited about Valorant Mobile's confirmation? We are! We'll keep you posted on the news of this new mobile game to come, hoping that it won't be long before it shows up! But in the meantime, if you like games like Valorant, on mobile, we suggest you check out our selection of free mobile FPS! Peace!

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