War Thunder Mobile (formerly War Thunder Edge) pre-registration opens

Pre-register for War Thunder Mobile on Android and iOS

Let's start this recap with the opening of pre-registration for War Thunder Mobile on Android. Gaijin Entertainment, who had announced the game as War Thunder Edge last November finally decided to simplify it to make sure that all players who will be looking for the game will find it easily. I'll walk you through the details of this port and explain how to pre-register for War Thunder mobile. This way, you will be among the first soldiers to join the game when it is released!

From War Thunder Edge to its final phone version

As in the original game on PC and consoles, in War Thunder mobile you will be able to take control of 20th century war vehicles with great historical accuracy. Armored tanks, warships and super-powered aircraft will be your best weapon to dominate the battlefield with your country. As you progress through the game, you will unlock customization options, equipment and ammunition.

Screenshot War Thunder Mobile gameplay pre-registration

Thanks to its constantly renewed PvP aspect, War Thunder mobile has an excellent lifespan and offers impressive large-scale confrontations in MMO. We hope that the performance of the servers will be up to the task for this port, so that you can make the most of piloting virtual war machines on land, on water and in the air. In the meantime, you can pre-register for War Thunder mobile on Android.

Pre-register for War Thunder mobile

Pre-register for War Thunder Mobile

To pre-register for War Thunder mobile, the method is very simple. As with most launch games without platform exclusivity, just go to the game's Google Play page and press the "Pre-register" button. You will then be notified of the release date of War Thunder mobile. In addition, you will enjoy exclusive launch rewards for the first interested players. This method is currently not available for iOS with WT mobile.

War Thunder Edge Mobile opens its pre-registration on Android

While waiting for the release of War Thunder mobile after the pre-registrations, you can also test another game from Gaijin Entertainment: Crossout mobile available on Android and iOS.

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