Release date for Warframe Mobile, the MMO shooter coming to iOS!

Warframe Mobile release date announced at Tennocon

According to recent statements, the release date for Warframe Mobile is becoming clearer. This sci-fi third-person shooter is played online, and has been a much-loved license for many years. Digital Extremes, the studio behind Warframe, has long expressed its desire to bring the iconic gaming experience to mobile, and finally announced the Tenno mobile port two years ago. The wait will soon be over, and the project intends to retain the codes that make the license what it is today.

Announcement of Warframe Mobile release date on iOS at Tennocon

Warframe Mobile to be released in... February 2024!

Do you love big interstellar adventures and biodynamic battle outfits too much to wait? Obviously, like a large part of the phone community, you're wondering when Warframe Mobile will be released... And we've already got the beginnings of an answer after a big beta phase.

Digital Extremes announced it at TennoCon on August 26... Warframe Mobile will soon be a reality! Although no actual date has been given, the Apple Store suggests a date of February 20, 2024.

While we wait for an official release date, this suggests that we'll have to be patient a little longer before we can take on other players and races from our smartphones. This MMO shooter, which has become very popular in the gaming world, allows players to control Tennos, humans endowed with powers, who fight with armors called Warframes. Their sworn enemies are the Grineers, Corpus, and Infestation, a mutant epidemic, among other space creatures.

Environment combat shooter MMO Warframe Mobile

The release of Warframe Mobile promises "the same experience as on consoles and PC". For the time being, you can already pre-register on iOS. However, no details about an Android version and its pre-registrations have yet emerged... For good measure, the studio is also asserting its plans to roll out a full cross-save option. This will enable you to find your progress no matter what platform you're playing on. 

Other announcements at TennoCon 2023

These are not the only announcements made by Digital Extremes at TennoCon. In addition to the release date for Warframe Mobile on iOS phones, the studio is also working on Abyss of Dagath, a new playable archetype scheduled for October 2023. Then there's Whispers in the Walls, a brand-new story arc due for release in winter 2023. Or Warframe 1999, an expansion planned for 2024.

Screenshot Warframes combat release Warframe Mobile

The announcement of Warframe Mobile's release date has fans of the license abuzz at the prospect of discovering this long-awaited adaptation on iOS. With Digital Extremes' ongoing commitment to preserving the essence of Warframe while delivering a mobile-friendly experience, the future of the franchise looks bright.

It remains to be seen whether Warframe Mobile will capture the hearts of mobile gamers in the same way it has on other platforms. One thing is certain: the wait will probably be worth it. Between now and 2024, there's plenty of time to delve into the game's wiki, pore over the lore and get ready for D-Day!

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