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Wild Rift 3.0 patch: Elemental dragons and new champions

Wild Rift patch 3.0 for the new 2022 season

After watching the full 50 minute live stream on what's new for League of Legends in 2022, I'm a bit puzzled. The quality of LoL PC and Wild Rift 3.0 (our favourite mobile MOBA at Jeumobi) is undeniable. However, this live game leaves me with a bitter taste: it's pretty much all about rewards progression, premium currency and even more skins and customization options that I'll just call money pits. I have a bit of a problem with this focus on the form of the game rather than the substance, although I have no doubt that Riot is coming up with some interesting new things for the rest of their title. The Wild Rift section in particular remains a victim of the money thing that's being brought to the fore. Nevertheless, let's find out together what the Wild Rift 3.0 patch will contain, which will be released on January 19, 2022, on Scaru's (our youtuber) birthday.

New champions and elemental dragons

In the announcement video for Wild Rift Season 3 in 2022, we learn that the "original" League of Legends elemental dragons (ocean, infernal, mountain, and wind) will make their real debut in Summoner's Rift.

In the same way as in LoL PC, the terrain will be modified by the type of dragon you encounter in your game. Similarly, the dragon soul will give your team a boost depending on its element. The Infernal will offer you to blow up your enemies while the Mountain Dragon will add protection and magical resistance with a powerful shield, for example. The Elder will not be coming to the game with update Wild Rift 3.0 but the Riot team is working on integrating it into the mobile port of the license.

Elemental dragon types Wild Rift 3.0 new season

There are several champions on the programme with Wild Rift season 3:

  • Sett (3.0), on Baron Lane, who intends to smash his enemies against each other;
  • Yuumi (3.0), this unbearable support;
  • Shen (3.1), Ionia's support tank;
  • Karma (3.1), my favourite medium even if Duke hates it.

Guild vs. Guild will also make a comeback and will be held in Ionia in Wild Rift 3.0 for the new season. The collaboration between LoL PC and mobile will still take place in 2022, but the content offered by each title will vary more. In fact, the mobile version is expected to feature more events than last year, with less waiting time between events. Season 3 of Wild Rift is set to be an exciting one as it also opens the doors to the game's first season esport . Tournament announcements include Wild Rift Icons, a global tournament to be held in Europe with 24 teams competing this summer.

Finally, several new skins will be coming to the game: from Fizz rabbit to Kennen infernal to the skins of the Lunar New Year like Firecracker Teemo or Tristana. In any case, the Cinematic of the Call for the LoL 2022 universe finally recaptures that epic League feel.

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