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Wild Rift Champions in patch 2.6: Mundo, Morgana and Kayle's arrival

Champions Wild Rift patch 2.6: Morgana, Kayle and Mundo

As Silco lands exclusively on TFT, LoL mobile players might have been in need of newcomers. But that's not the case, since Riot has unveiled Mundo, Morgana and Kayle as Wild Rift champions in patch 2.6, who have already been playable for several days. A few other improvements and new content were announced recently: let's take a look back at the League of Legends mobile news.

Kayle, Morgana and Mundo in Wild Rift 2.6

Let's first discover Kayle and Morgana among the Wild Rift champions in this 2.6 patch that we know from LoL PC. The two sisters clash, much like the fire and frost theme that brought Brand and Nunu into the mix. Where Kayle punishes with light and justice, Morgana punishes with darkness. A trailer introducing Morgana and Kayle can be found at Cinematic on the official League of Legends: Wild Rift YouTube channel. With the Arcane series, the entire Runeterra lore is in the spotlight.

Morgana mage champions Wild Rift patch 2.6

Kayle, charged with protecting the lands of Demacia for many years, has been mentally worn down by the wrongs of mortals. Leaving her kingdom, she is now actively fighting in Summoner's Rift. Known for her late-game performance, Kayle will surely require some time to master. Her twin sister Morgana prefers to punish humans with magic and feed off their suffering. She is one of the Wild Rift 2.6 champions who likes to butcher around (sorry Mundo). Appreciated by beginner support players, this mage offers a CC kit and good support with her famous Black Shield.

Beyond the two sisters, it is our good old uncle Dr. Mundo who is inviting himself into the mobile Summoner's Rift in December. All three champions are already available in-game, so go and get them. In addition to the Wild Rift champions from patch 2.6, we'll have the opportunity to get our hands on the URF mode, 5 bans, some balancing and new ranked rewards. Players will also be able to take advantage of the ranked shop and purchase cosmetic items with their ranked coins. Something to reward the try-harders among you! :D

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