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Wild Rift Icons 2022: Nova Esports creates a surprise

Wild Rift Icons 2022

The story is beautiful for the winners of this Wild Rit Icons first edition: Nova Esports. Indeed, the team was not part of the 8 teams automatically qualified thanks to their performance in the regular season. We take a look at the admirable journey of this team who came from far and wide to become the first ever LoL: Wild Rift World Champions.

Wild Rift Icons 2022 results

After qualifying for the Wild Rift Icons 2022 finals in the play-in phase of the Last Chance Qualifier in May, Nova Esports finished first in Group A. In the quarter-finals, they defeated KT Rolster, and in the semi-finals, they defeated FunPlus Phoenix, the favourite of the competition and winner of the last meeting between the two teams, 3-1.

Nova Esports, Wild Rift Icons 2022 winners

On July 9th, Nova Esports faced the J-Team, who also went through the play-in process to get here, in the Wild Rift Global Icons final, in a 100% Chinese match. As in the semi-final, the team won. This time, they did not concede any losses and won the BO7 with a score of 4-0.

Nova Esports story

Nova Esports, the team that won the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022, is a Chinese team established in 2020. It currently consists of Y1ze in toplane, Long in jungle, Nian in mid, as well as duolane Remake and yami in bot.

We note the adaptability of Y1ze, Remake and yami, who did not play the same champion twice in the final. Despite a good start to the game, J-Team was unable to resist the consistency and scaling of Nova Esports. Even though you now know the result of the Wild Rift Global Icons 2022, the Nova Esports vs J-Team final is available on the Wild Rift Esports Youtube channel if you want to watch the match in full.

For their victory, the team took home $640,000. J-Team took home $320,000, while FunPlus Phoenix and Team Flash, who finished third and fourth respectively, took home $1600,000. In addition to the cash prize, Nova Esports members will be able to choose which champions will receive a skin with their likeness.

So much for the results of the Wild Rift Icons Global 2022. We now know the identity of the first world champion team: Nova Esports. The team beat the odds by starting the play-in phase and eliminating FunPlus Phoenix, the tournament winner. If you want to progress on the game and why not hope to participate in the next edition, I redirect you to our Wild Rift tips page.

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