Xbox Remote Play now available on iOS

Xbox Remote Play on iOS

Who remembers the days when you played video games from the comfort of your living room on the sofa? But times are changing and more and more gamers are starting to play on mobile. The experience is different and the benefits include extra mobility and freedom. Good news foriOS users who, with the help of Xbox Remote Play, will be able to play from their phones. This new version of Xbox Console Streaming was previously only available toAndroid users. The service allows you to stream your Xbox One games live to your phone.

Warning for those who read the title too quickly. Xbox Remote Play for iOS should not be confused with the XCloud ! This multigaming subscription is not expected to arrive on mobile until early 2021! In the meantime, you can always console yourself by playing on your phone.

The opening of streaming for iOS devices is included in the latest update of the application.

Xbox Remote Play for iOS: encouraging game porting

For some time now, Xbox has had a fixed idea in mind. The company wants its community to be able to move from one platform to another while enjoying an equally comfortable gaming experience . It's a smart bet to keep gamers loyal and to please the large community of gamers. Being able to play from your PC, console or mobile, while keeping your progress and settings, is an idea that must appeal to many. In addition to the extra freedom, it is also a real economic argument to limit the costs of the media.

To get Xbox Remote Play streaming service on your mobile iOS or Androidyou will still need to own an Xbox console. It's free to use and the procedure is simple. In addition to the console being switched on, you will need :

  • an iOS device (at least version 10) or an Android phone (at least version 6.0);
  • a Bluetooth wireless controller that is compatible with the Xbox console;
  • a Microsoft account or an Xbox profile;
  • and finally, a fairly good internet connection . The ideal is a Wifi connection.
Xbox Remote Play coming to iOS

Small bonus features

Xbox Remote Play also brings some cool features to iOS and Android. It allows you to stay connected with your friends using voice and text chat. So there's no need to install a third-party app (like Discord) on your mobile. And that's a real convenience!

Other little bonuses include a shared notification system, a remote control and a search function. Now that you know everything, do you want to try it?

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