Release of Zombie Kingdom: Idle RPG, a Korean post-apocalyptic game

Zombie Kingdom Idle RPG released on Android and iOS

Specialist of idle RPG to farm every day, the studio gameberry publishes a new game in a post-apocalyptic universe with a retro style. I present you Zombie Kingdom : Idle RPG for its release and I hope it will make you want to try it this month. It's a free game that's quick to pick up and will boost your daily progress with a maximum of rewards.

Develop your arsenal of warfare against zombies

Also called K-Zombie, Zombie Kingdom: Idle RPG imposes its pixel art and 3D style on Android and iOS. In-game, play as an over-armed detective fighting against endless waves of zombies. Equipped with your war fan and loaded with Taoist magic, complete hundreds of levels in addition to a timed boss fight at each level.

You can download Zombie Kingdom for free via Google Play Store and App Store and have fun developing your warrior every day.

Release K-Zombie Kingdom: Idle RPG boss gameplay

Easily progress through the AFK system on a daily basis, explore dungeons to boost your experience, gold and upgrade stones. Expand your constellations, character stats and all your equipment. Moreover, you can experiment with transformations for your character, which you can combine to unlock more, making the gacha system very permissive. K-Zombie is full of possibilities to play in automatic or manual mode with a wide range of skills and evolution systems.

Discover Zombie Kingdom Idle-RPG, an AFK game generous in rewards

Compared to other mobile idle games, Zombie Kingdom is more loaded with content to keep you active. The game is very generous and doesn't force you to watch any ads, which is great for free-to-play players looking for a non-stop mobile title with a character to develop every day.

On screen, reach incredible scores with big fighting numbers in a Korean mobile style loaded with rewards important. Check out the game now by downloading it on Android or iOS.

­čží This article was made in collaboration with gameberry studio, the creators of Zombie Kingdom.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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