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PUBG Mobile 2.2 update adds new map and game mode

PUBG Mobile 2.2 update adds new map and game mode

Announced by a trailer on the game's YouTube channel, the PUBG Mobile 2.2 update has just been officially rolled out. Let's find out what's new i...

PUBG Mobile and Koenigsegg collaboration

PUBG Mobile: Koenigsegg returns for second collaboration

Drive cars and ride through PUBG Mobile's maps in Koenigsegg with the second collaboration between the Battle Royale and the Swedish sports car m...

PUBG Mobile companions

Adopt PUBG Mobile companions

Feeling lonely in your Battle Royale games? Then get yourself some cute little PUBG Mobile companions. Until now, only the falcon was available i...

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2022

How to participate in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2022?

Want to play in the big leagues ofesport ? Then enter the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2022 for a chance to win a spot in the PUBG Mobile National Champ...

PUBG mobile 1.8 update and Aftermath map

Update 1.8 and content announcement Cheer Park PUBG mobile

Dev Talks are an ideal contact point between an industry player (publisher, developer, indie or AAA studio) and its audience. Most of the time, t...

PUBG mobile and Youtube Premium partnership

PUBG mobile x Youtube Premium offers you permanent in-game rewards

FPS's on Android and iOS are always incredibly popular, especially on Youtube where many players go to discover battle royale content. The obviou...

PUBG Mobile Sakura Wars

A PUBG Mobile x Sakura Wars collaboration

It's not clear who's handling the partnerships for PUBG Mobile. But the brains behind it are never short of ideas. After next-gen partnerships wi...


Godzilla VS Kong available in PUBG Mobile update

Do you dream of seeingGodzilla and Kong face off in a mobile battle royale game? PUBG Mobile has partnered with Godzilla VS Kong in version 1. 4!...


PUBG Mobile launches Karakin Oasis Event for Earth Day

PUBG Mobile has always shown its commitment to the environment. This April 23, 2021, we celebrate Earth Day. The game has therefore decided to la...

PUBG Mobile racism and ban

Brazilian PUBG Mobile pro banned for racism

PUBG Mobile racism seems to have become a recurring problem in the Brazilian pro scene. Gabriel "NTX" Garcia, from the Influence Rage team, who u...

Sucess Story PUBG Mobile

Sucess story PUBG Mobile: one billion downloads reached

Symbolic bars are meant to be surpassed, but some command more respect than others. With more thana billion downloads, PUBG Mobile is making a ma...

PUBG Mobile The Growth

The Growth: first PUBG Mobile short film

Back-to-back top 1s on PUBG Mobile is no easy feat! The developers have thought of their community. To liven up their well-deserved breaks betwee...

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