Icône Raid: Shadow Legends
Raid: Shadow Legends
Downloads: + 5 000 000

RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy-themed collectible role-playing game based on turn-based. Players must build an army for battles in locations such as castles, dungeons, deserts and temples defended by enemies and possible allies.

Throughout the game, players collect Shards, vessels containing the souls of past warriors. Shards come in four types with different properties. The game consists mainly of a single player campaign (PvE) over 12 levels, each level consisting of seven stages with three difficulty levels.

The PvE campaign is interconnected with a multiplayer (PvP) component to decide player rankings and, according to The Verge, offers "one of the most unified gaming experiences in the genre". Each of the 300 collectible characters features unique motion capture animations to create distinctive characters and traits.

You can also install and play RAID Shadow Legends on PC with an Android emulator. It's ideal to enjoy the game with better graphics and performance. I recommend it!

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