The mobile gamer stuff

The mobile gamer stuff

Find the best equipment to play on your phone! Smartphone, tablet, accessories, our advice on the right equipment for mobile gamers.

Buying guides to make the right equipment choices 

With so many smartphones on the market, it's hard to know where to start! What is the best phone to play on? Is it better to play on a smartphone or a tablet? Will I be better with a mobile gamer? These are all questions that are left unanswered when you don't know much about gaming. Our buying guides are here to help you make sense of it! Not only do we offer you a comparison of the gamer equipment on the market, but we also provide a description of each product, with their positive and negative aspects. This way, everyone can make up their own mind and choose the right gaming phone for their personal use.

Choosing the best hardware for mobile gaming

The best gamer smartphone really depends on the habits of the individual. Many mobile gamers are used to using specific accessories that are added to their phone. This turns their phone into a real handheld console. Whether it's analogue sticks, a controller positioned on a suitable support or even triggers, there are many tricks to optimise the gaming experience on phones and tablets. Our tips are here to guide you and give you ideas, but of course the best configuration to choose will be the one that suits you. So, take our advice into account, but above all make up your own mind!

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