Summoners War: Chronicles
Summoners War: Chronicles
Downloads: + 5 000 000

In the Summoners War Chronicles MMORPG, choose your summoner from Cleaf, Orbia, and Kina based on your preferred combat style (melee, mage, or support) and set off on an adventure through the 3D kingdom of Rahil across multiple colorful and mystery-filled continents.

Through main, side and repeatable quests, dungeons (Cairos, Path of Growth, Group, etc.) and game modes, create a unique and optimized composition of over 350 monsters from Summoners War: Sky Arena. Their skills have been adapted to Chronicles gameplay, but you'll easily recognize your favorite Light, Dark, Water, Fire and Wind monsters. Load up on gear, runes, skills, arcenmons and devils to harness the full power of your monsters to dominate the Arena, Towers and all recurring events in Summoners War: Chronicles.

In addition to all this, SW Chronicles invites you to take part in other classic MMO activities such as resource harvesting, crafting items through different professions or guild missions. The world of Summoners War has never been as vast and freely explorable as in Chronicles and this opus will delight fans of the license.

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