Summoners War Tips

guide gb10 summoners war

How do you make your first GB10 in Summoners War?

In this guide, we'll look at how to successfully complete your first GB10 in Summoners War. This is the dungeon to farm when you start to get you...

guide Cairos Dungeon summoners war

All you need to know about Cairos Dungeon of Summoners War

In Summoners War, there is a place called the Cairos Dungeon which contains several dungeons that will help you in your progress. However, it req...

how to play summoners war on pc or mac

How to play Summoners War on PC or Mac?

This guide will help you understand how to play Summoners War on PC or Mac. First of all, you will need an emulator to run your mobile game on yo...

Strategy against Lyrith toa 100

The strategy to beat Lyrith and achieve TOA 100

In this guide, we will show you the strategy to adopt to defeat Lyrith, as well as the monsters to use to do so. Lyrith is the second final boss...

Strategy against Ath'taros toa 100

The strategy to defeat Ath'taros at TOA 100

During your ascent of the TOA (Tribunal of Ascent), you will face 2 final bosses whose rotation varies every 30 days. One of them is called Ath't...

best team farmable toa Summoners War

How to make a success of TOA with a farmable team?

To conquer the Ascension Court in Summoners War, you have to apply several strategies and test several compositions. To do this, you will need to...

guide toa summoners war

All about the TOA of Summoners War

The TOA of Summoners War, otherwise known as the "Court of Ascension", is a mandatory part of your progression. It is divided into two parts, the...

summoners war guide for beginners

Summoners War guide to getting started in 2020

Here is our Summoners War 2020 guide to help new players get started with the game in the best possible conditions. Here you will find some tips...

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