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Monsters from the Summoners War x Assassin's Creed collaboration: Ezio, Kassandra...

After several major partnerships such as SW x CRK and SW x Street Fighter, Summoners War collaborates with Assassin's Creed and offers 5 new...[Read More]

Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom collaborate for the D-Day Event

Fans of Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom are in for a treat, as the games from Com2us and Devsisters are currently undergoing a major review.[Read More]

SWC 2022: Format, schedule and registration

The new season of the esport Summoners War competition, SWC 2022, has just opened for registration. Let's take a look at the progress of the competition...[Read More]

Patch SW: Optimization of runes management in Summoners War

This new update to Summoners War will make life easier for many summoners! Summoners War's rune management has evolved and will allow you to use your rune...[Read More]

Christmas is coming to all Summoners War games from Com2Us Holdings

It's Christmas in Summoners War games! Com2Us Holdings is offering winter updates for SW and SW Lost Centuria. On the program, a new fe...[Read More]

Summoners War: Sky Arena patch 6.3.6 in detail

While Summoners War: Sky Arena has been at the top of the gacha market for over 6 years now, its updates are still very rare.[Read More]

Summoners War celebrates its 7th birthday in its update!

The mobile game Summoners War celebrates its anniversary with its brand new update 6.2.7, already available! For this occasion, the developer and the...[Read More]

Summoners War presents Onmyouji and Onimusha

There is no shortage of characters in the Summoners War universe, but the creative team is never short of ideas. They've got a lot of...[Read More]

Summoners War: Legacy comic to be released on 28 April

Fans of the RPG Summoners War can mark the date of April 28 in their diaries. The Summoners War: Legacy comic will be released on that date and promises to be a lot of fun.[Read More]

MR CHUNG winner of the SWC 2020

Eight candidates were in with a chance of winning the Summoners War world title this weekend. Eight top players who earned their place in the world's most prestigious ...[Read More]

Europe SWC 2020 Cup: French ROSITH participates in the final tournament!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! There were already plenty of reasons to follow the Summoners War World Cup. But with the qualification of the French ROSITH, we hope that the...[Read More]

Summoners War: Lost Centuria is coming to beta!

Red alert! All Summoners War fans should stop all activity immediately and open their ears. Summoners War: Lost Centuri...[Read More]

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