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Summoners War: Sky Arena patch 6.3.6 in detail

While Summoners War: Sky Arena has been at the top of the gacha market for over 6 years now, its updates remain as regular as ever. Let's take a look at the announcement of the 6.3.6 patch for SW Sky Arena. In this update, you will be able to...[Read More]

Summoners War celebrates its 7th birthday in its update!

The mobile game Summoners War is celebrating its anniversary with its brand new 6.2.7 update, which is already available! For this occasion, the developer and publisher Com2uS is offering a bunch of events, a rebalancing patch for the game's comp...[Read More]

Summoners War presents Onmyouji and Onimusha

There's no shortage of characters in the Summoners War universe, but the creative team is never short of ideas. They decided to integrate two new characters inspired by Japanese folklore: Onmyouji and Onimush...[Read More]

The comic Summoners War: Legacy will be released on April 28th.

Fans of the RPG Summoners War can mark April 28th in their diaries. The comic book Summoners War: Legacy will be released on that date and promises to immerse readers in the rich universe of the game. This will be an opportunity to learn more...[Read More]

MR CHUNG big winner of SWC 2020

8 candidates were eligible to win the Summoners War World title this weekend. 8 top players who earned their way to the World Finals after a long qualification process consisting of preliminaries and co ...[Read More]

European Cup SWC 2020: Frenchman ROSITH takes part in the final tournament!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! The reasons to follow the Summoners War World Cup were already there. But with the qualification of the Frenchman ROSITH, we hope that the community will be there to support the tricolor player. The latter obtained his qualification...[Read more]

Summoners War: Lost Centuria is coming in beta!

Red alert! All Summoners War fans should stop all activity immediately and listen carefully. Summoners War: Lost Centuria is coming to beta. The expansion was announced in February 2019, but since then, the community has been waiting for the ...[Read More]

Results of the first SWC 2020 regional cuts

Little by little, the bird makes its nest. We're still far from having our big winner of the SWC 2020 (Summoners War World Arena Championship), but the list of contenders keeps getting smaller and smaller. The second phase, the regional cups ...[Read more]

Summoners War: Halloween update and other improvements

Com2us has just added a new update for its flagship game Summoners War in which you can find new and interesting skins for Halloween and improvements for some of the game's content such as repeat battle.[Read More]

Com2uS would be on the steps of Riot Games for the SWC 2020?

Com2uS has just released a new trailer about the new SWC phases that will take place shortly. We will take a closer look at this trailer which seems to be somewhat inspired by the productions Riot Games. A trailer at Riot Games .[Read More]

Summoners War: End of the preliminary phases of SWC 2020

The race for the title is well underway in this Sumonners War Championship (SWC 2020) and the preliminary phases are now over. Before thinking about the world final which will bring together the 8 best competitors from around the world and will offer 210 000 dollars ... [Read More]

Summoners War: SWC 2020 Guide | Timing, Rules and Format

Despite the global pandemic, the Summoners War Championship (SWC 2020) will take place! This guide brings together all the important information you need to know. The preliminary phases have already started and the best Summo players will be... [Read More]

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