All about Summoners War TOA Hell and the Stage 1 strategy (F2P)

After several hundred hours of relentless farming, you have finally overcome the TOA and TOAH. A new challenge has been added to the...[Read More]

The strategy to beat Lyrith and achieve TOA 100

In this guide, we will show you the strategy to use to defeat Lyrith, as well as the monsters to use to defeat Lyrith.[Read More]

The strategy to defeat Ath'taros at TOA 100

As you ascend the TOA (Tribunal of Ascension), you will face 2 final bosses whose rotation changes every few days.[Read More]

How to make a success of TOA with a farmable team?

To conquer the Ascension Tribunal in Summoners War, you have to apply several strategies and test several composit...[Read More]

All about the TOA of Summoners War

The Summoners War TOA, otherwise known as the "Court of Ascension", is a mandatory part of your pr...[Read More]

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