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TFT meta guide : comps and build

Discover in this guide to the TFT meta of compositions, augments and items of each set. With our tips and tricks, you'll know how to get the most out of your ...[Read More]

TFT meta set 8 guide: traits, compositions and augments

Check out our tips and tricks to get ahead in our TFT guide to the Set 8 meta. We'll show you the new features, the most popular compositions ...[Read More]

TFT set 8 best comps tier list

Lost in the beginning of the set? We reveal our tips and tricks in our tier list of the best compositions TFT set 8. Thanks to this guide, you'll be able to...[Read More]

TFT set 8 Augments tier list: guide to heroic optimizations

Are you lost in all the optimizations of this new set? We tell you all our tier list of the Augments TFT set 8. Find out how it works...[Read More]

TFT Set 8 Traits: Our tips on new classes and origins

Gone are the days of dragons, now it's time for the monsters to attack, and thus for the new features of the TFT set 8. And who says new set, says new fields...[Read More]

TFT Ranks: ranking system guide

Are you tired of playing normal games and want to compete with the best players in the world? We tell you all about the class system...[Read More]

TFT meta set 7 guide: compositions, items and augments

Can't seem to progress and win your ranked games? Don't panic, we tell you everything in this TFT guide to the Set 7 meta. In ...[Read More]

TFT builds items guide to set 7

After covering all the items in Set 7 and their effects, find out how to use them in our TFT guide to Set 7 item builds. Find out how to...[Read More]

TFT Augments Tier List set 7 Dragonlands

With the arrival of the TFT set 7, Dragonlands, the Hextech Augments have given way to draconic optimizations. In our tier list of the ...[Read More]

TFT items cheat sheet set 7: combinations and effects

In this TFT guide to the items in Set 7, we'll look at the available item components and all the recipes for combining them.[Read More]

TFT best comps Set 7 - Tier List

With the release of Set 7, the race for the best compositions TFTs has begun. Between the arrival of dragons, new types, champions and augments, it's been a long time coming.[Read More]

TFT Set 7: Our tips on new types and champions

After a Set 6 which was marked by the introduction of augments, the TFT set 7 patch is now available on the PBE before its arrival on the Internet.[Read More]

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