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TOP 10: Best Visual Novel games - Android and iOS

Love, twists and turns, intrigue, captivating stories... Yes, we are talking about choice games, and more precisely about mobile Visual Novel. Interactive stories on smartphones are very popular.[Read More]

TOP 11: Best Trading Card Games (TCG) on mobile

TCG, aka Trading Card Games, are one of the most popular mobile games. Originating from board games, TCG are essentially characterised by battles between players using cards. The b...[Read More]

Games like Coin Master | Our Android and iOS Selection

Are you a fan of the game Coin Master ? As a consumer game, this type of mobile game is aimed at young and old alike. The aim? To win lots of rewards and coins. So if you like casino games, you can play them on the go...[Read More]

Games like Genshin Impact | Our Android and iOS Selection

In the world of mobile Gasha and RPG games, Genshin Impact is one of the pillars of the genre (despite its youth)! However, it is not the only game to excel in this category. There are many other works in the genre... Read More]

Games like Pokémon GO Our Android and iOS Selection

Ah, Pokémon GO ! Many of you love this type of mobile AR game. Very popular, AR games often use the player's geolocation to make game elements appear in your environment.[Read More]

Games like Clash Royale | Our Selection Android and iOS

Developed and published by Supercell, Clash Royale is a great competitive mobile game that is played in multiplayer. Admit it, you love the strategy behind this type of game! Collecting troops, heroes and defeating your opponents is a ...[Read More]

Best games like Clash of Clans | Our Selection

If you like games similar to Clash of Clans, you're in the right place! Multiplayer strategy games are very popular on iOS and Android. With the public's growing interest in management games ...[Read More]

Top 9: Best Android and iOS car games

Car games are very popular on PC, consoles, but also on mobile! A lot of phone gamers love the adrenaline and action behind racing games. That's why we've got the... Read More

Best Games like Among Us | Mobile and PC Selection

Games like Among Us are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, many party games offer the same mechanics: a group of players must unmask an intruder! These games are ideal for a good laugh with friends.[Read More]

Top 10: Best Mobile Match-3 - Android and iOS

If you like simple games that pass the time, you've come to the right place! From Candy Crush to Royal Mobile, we review the top 10 mobile match-3 games for you. Mind you, these types of games are perfect for those who like to play a little more... Read More

TOP 10: Best Mobile Sports Games - Android and iOS

Sport in video games is nothing new! We already know the famous FIFA or NBA games on consoles. We also know a lot of sports games on Wii or on Nintendo DS with, for example, the "The Game of the Year". Read More]

Top 10: Best Mobile Runners - Android and iOS

If you like runner video games, this article is for you. From Sonic to Mario to Subway Surfers, mobile runners are all the rage right now! Just like arcade games, or even more so... Read More]

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