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TOP 10 : Best Mobile FPS - Android and iOS

Hello, mobile gamers! Who said that FPS are only playable on console and PC? First-person shooter games have become widely available on our phones. So much so that a large part of the deve...[Read More]

TOP 10 : Best Battle Royale Mobile - Android and iOS

Who doesn't like the Battle Royale? The game mode in BR is very popular thanks to its many possibilities. These multiplayer games can be played in the arena or on a large map, solo or in teams, and are a real success....[Read More]

The best Android emulators for PC in 2021

Tired of playing your favourite mobile games on a small screen? Want to be able to launch several mobile games at the same time? Dreaming of finding your favourite mouse and keyboard? Well, good news for all of us! [Read More]

Top of the most popular 2020 mobile games

The year 2020 will have been a year full of twists and turns! And you know what? The mobile gaming industry has never done better than in 2020. The explanations are quite simple, you just have to be...[Read More]

Best Gaming Phones of 2021 | Buying Guide

More and more manufacturers have understood this and are getting on board: gaming phones are on the rise! Let's face it, smartphones today are true marvels of technology and innovation.... [Read more]

Best Gaming Tablets of 2021 | Buying Guide

You are looking for a tablet to play on, but you hesitate and don't know which one to choose? Let us help you! Our specialty, as you know, is providing you with the best possible mobile gaming experience. Your... [Read More]

TOP 9 Best Mobile MOBA on Android and iOS

Hello all! So, I'm going to stop you right there. No, MOBAs are not just for PC players! 😆 Preconceived ideas have a hard time, so it's time to put things in order. I...[Read More]

TOP 11 : Best multiplayer mobile games - Android & iOS

Mobile multiplayer games are very popular with gamers all over the world! Whatever the gaming platform (iOS, iPadOS, Android), online multiplayer games are a huge success. It's an opportunity to create new ...[Read More]

Releases Mobile Games October 2020 | Our selection

We'll meet again, like every month, to take stock of the mobile gaming releases for October 2020! Great discoveries again this month with strategy games, numerous consumer games and, of course, a lot of...[Read more]

Best Games like Hearthstone | Our Selection

You like Hearthstone's game mechanics so much that you are looking for similar games? That's great, we've put together a list of the best games like Hearthstone! That is to say, the top I's...[Read More]

Top Phone Gaming Accessories | Buying Guide

Are you looking to improve your telephone gaming experience? Good, you've come to the right place! Because many smartphone gamers are looking to optimize their gaming experience, we've written a guide to help you get the most out of ... [Read More]

Releases Mobile Games September 2020 | Our selection

The mobile game releases of September 2020 are just waiting for you to try it out! We're celebrating the back to school season with this top selection 👌! We all already want to try them out to find our new best friend...[Read more]

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Find in this section the best of mobile gaming: various and varied comparisons, advice of all kinds and tests and recommendations! We regularly offer you mobile game rankings according to different criteria: for example, the best free games of the moment, the top games in pre-registration or the best smartphone to play on!

Comparisons for playing mobile games on the PC

Did you know that? It is possible to play all your favorite mobile games directly on your computer? That means you can play on the big screen (fed up with 5 inches, right?), but also set up your mouse and keyboard controls! The bonus: you save your battery! In this section, you will find many comparisons. Indeed, in order to offer you the best, we regularly test emulators, games and everything that can be studied in relation to mobile games! For example, we offer you a guide of the best Android emulators for PC.

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