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The vast majority of video game players are hobbyists who play for fun from their living room couch in flip-flops. The cream of the crop, however, take the practice much more seriously and compete in high-stakes esport competitions. Sometimes employed by professional organisations, these players fight for glory, but also for hard cash. Although the media is mainly interested inesport on PC or console, the games esport on mobile also exist. Several disciplines benefit from large organised and structured competitive circuits. These games unleash passions, attracting both physical and online viewers while offering very good careers to the best.
While competitive mobile games still suffer from a lack of recognition, we have listed the best mobile games esport of the moment. Fans of the beautiful game will enjoy following these professional competitions. These are all broadcast and accessible online.

1. PUBG Mobile: the most followed mobileesport

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PUBG Mobile may have been banned from India due to political conflict, but it remains the most developed mobile game esport to date. Very popular on the Asian continent, there are numerous regional and international tournaments for players of all levels. From PMGC to PUBG MOBILE Open Club, the Battle Royale never ends. The game also looks after its best players and honours them with in-game esportcards. With more than 130 million hours viewed in the year 2020, it is impossible to miss this competitive mobile game.

 esport mobile : PUBG mobile Pro League
The Pro League remains the reference league at esport mobile level.

The evolution of PUBG: New State, developed by KRAFTON, will also have to be carefully monitored. The studio behind the PC version, which is currently losing momentum, may well decide to focus on the mobile market. The game is very esport-friendly, you could end up with a new scene in the blink of an eye. As a fan ofesport, we can only rub our hands together. Strategy, team play, precision shooting and communication... All the ingredients for a good competition are there.

2. Garena Free Fire: another Battle Royale in the spotlight

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In the list of esport mobile games, Garena Free Fire is just behind PUBG Mobile. This Battle Royale from South America is still growing and gaining ground. Last year, it continued to make inroads in Asia, but also in Russia and Western Europe! With the 2020 Free Fire Continental Series (EMEA, Americas and Asia), the elite players had a structured competitive framework. The community has been following these competitions closely and in terms of hours watched, Garena Free Fire is just behind PUBG mobile, the benchmark in this field. We don't know how far this phenomenon will go, but it's the biggest thing going on atesport .

Garena Free Fire in esport
Want to take the cup home?

900,000 has been put on the line and distributed among the regions during the 2020 Free Fire Continental Series. If the game continues on its current path, it could well attract even more crowds.

3. Mobile Legends: a mobile esport game in danger?

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Currently number 3 in the list of games esport on the phone, Mobile Legends can however worry about its future. The MPL (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League) seems to be very strong in Asia and countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia are very fond of it.

Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends is making a name for itself outside the shadow of League of Legends.

According to Esportcharts, the MPL is even the 2nd most popular league esport in the world on all platforms! The problem is that this MOBA, largely inspired by the very popular game League of Legends, has recently seen the arrival of a new competitor... LoL: Wild Rift, the official mobile version of LoL!
You'll have to be careful to keep your community loyal and beware of Riot Games. The company is used to organising big tournaments and has already announced a $200,000 competition. It remains to be seen whether the competition will be able to pull Mobile Legends up or send it to the bottom.

4. Arena of Valor: slight downgrade

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On an individual basis, Arena of Valor has had a good competitive year. The mobile MOBA is attracting more and more people and is establishing itself as an important esport discipline in Asia, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Asian Games. The only problem is that the game is having a hard time making a name for itself outside the Eastern market.

Esport mobile : Arena of Valor
Arena of Valor can look forward to the future with peace of mind.

TheArena of Valor International Championship 2020 was a huge success. The tournament, organised by Tencent and Garena, attracted up to 568,000 simultaneous viewers and a handsome cash prize of $500,000. But there is a but... The fever does not take outside Asia. Not a single American or European player could be found. We'll also have to see if LoL: Wild Rift doesn't overshadow it too much... Its place in the sun among competitive games is currently on hold.

5. Clash Royale: Supercell's moped

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clash royale icon
available on app store

Players and spectators would be wrong to reduce the game to its Clash Royale to its casu and community aspect. Supercell also organises big competitions between the best players in the world, which result in high-flying strategic battles. While the global pandemic has not done the scene any favours and the Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals were less well attended than in 2019, the discipline has retained a very clear structure. This year, the Clash Royale League is looking to get back on track. It has decided to focus on individuality in a new duel-based format. Moreover, Supercell has announced an increased vigilance to enforce the rules of fair play.

Esport mobile : Clash Royale
Clash Royale already has a big stage esport.

In any case, 2021 is shaping up to be a big one and a record cash prize of $1.6 million has been announced for the Clash Royale League. So far, no other esport mobile game is doing better.

6. Clash of Clans: Supercell's second best

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clash of clans icon
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Supercell has not put all its eggs in one basket onesport mobile.Clash of Clans Clash of Clans also has a well-developed scene and is supported by ESL. With 1 million cash prizes up for grabs, the circuit commands respect. Although the organisation was disrupted by Covid-19, Clash of Clans still managed to implement its monthly regional qualifier system, which resulted in a quality global final won by ATN.aTTaX. To keep the community on its toes and liven up the scene during this gloomy period, the organisers even set up the King of the Castle preparation tournament.

esport mobile : Clash of Clans
One million!

For the moment Clash of Clans is still a little behind Clash Royale. But Supercell can still see the future with confidence as it has two foals in the top esport mobile games... And a little voice tells us that it's not over yet!

7. Summoners War: French to support on esport mobile

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Summoners war icon
available on app store

Developed by Com2uS, Summoners War showed that even a gacha mobile game can be the home of a discipline esport. The Summoners War Championship 2020 showed the competitive potential of the game in a very large tournament.

esport mobile : ROSITH Sumonners War
Send energy to ROSITH!

The cash-prize of 210,000 dollars may seem a little behind other mobile games esport, but the organisation and structure of the stage is second to none. Preliminary phases, regional cups and final phase, everything was set up like clockwork over several months of competitions and several continents. Moreover, the French were not ridiculous this year and ROSITH proudly represented France in the final tournament. He didn't win but we hope to see him again this year to win the title!

8. Brawl Stars: Supercell and PSG are magic!

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Brawl Stars icon
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Supercell slips into our esport mobile games list for a third time with Brawl Stars. Very popular like its two other companions, the game benefits from an enthusiastic community. The latter has put its hand in the wallet to raise the cash-prize of the last world to 1 million euros! If money doesn't make you happy, such a sum still allows you to understand the state of development of the scene. Many well-known structures fought for the title: SK Gaming, Nova Esports, INTZ... But in the end, it was PSG, with its Asian team, that took the prize. Although they missed the last Champions League, the Parisian club did not lose everything in 2020!

esport mobile : PSG champion of Brawl Stars
This is Paris!

The Brawl Stars Championship 2021 will be even more structured. A minimum of 500,000 dollars will be awarded to the world finals. However, the qualification system will be as long as it is demanding. Championship Challenge, Monthly Qualifier, and Monthly Final will offer valuable points to determine the 16 participants in the final tournament.

So, which competitive game are you most tempted to play or watch? 😃 If you're just discovering the competitive side of mobile gaming, jump into one of our top games without hesitation. They're all great values that won't disappoint!

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