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TOP 10 : Best Battle Royale Mobile games - Android and iOS

Who doesn't like the Battle Royale? The game mode in BR is very popular thanks to its many possibilities. These multiplayer games can be played in the arena or on a large map, solo or in teams, and are a real success. It's the kind of game every MOBA, RPG and survival game fan dreams of. If you like challenges and shooting games based on the "last surviving man", you will love the Battle Royale on the phone. From Call of Duty mobile to Fortnite, Cyber Hunter and Garena Free Fire, we present the best Battle Royale mobile games for Android and iOS.
Watch out: in the end, only one will be left! Let's go! 😉

What's a Battle Royale?

Games in Battle Royale mode have long since become much more present on our good old consoles. But for several years now, these multiplayer survival games have been taking their place on our mobiles, for our greatest pleasure!

A Battle Royale is a multiplayer survival game mode in which you must survive on a map. You have to face the other players in a battle where only one will be left! A "last man standing" where your goal is to win alone or as a team against your opponents. Only one will win, so don't be afraid to shoot faster than your shadow! 😉

A nice mix between the arena combat of MOBA and a Warzone shooting game from Call of Duty. Note that players cannot automatically reappear after their death in a Battle Royale. So the goal is not to kill as many enemies as possible, but to stay alive as long as you can! Sniper players are welcome!

The Battle Royale mobile game genre is growing. So we've put together a great Battle Royale mobile game top for you!

The 10 best Battle Royale mobile games of the moment + 1 Bonus

We've selected the best Battle Royale mobile games, and there were so many of them that we've reserved a little bonus for you at the end of this top! So here are 10 games for a Battle Royale on Android or iOS phone, to discover without any limit! 😊

COD Mobile icon

1️⃣ Call of Duty Mobile

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available on google play
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Call of Duty mobile or COD mobile is an FPS and MOBA game, powered by the Activision brand. The mobile game allows you to play in multiplayer mode, so in a team PVP fight. But the Call of Duty mobile game also features a Battle Royale game mode. As much to say that combining Call of with a "last man alive" mode was a risky bet, but it's a kill (no bad pun intended)!

Call of Duty mobile's Battle Royale mode gives you the choice of playing solo, in duet or in a group of four. Like any other BR, it is possible to play in third-person view: unusual for Call of Duty, which has accustomed us to subjective vision.

Another special feature: you can choose in advance items that will define your role on the battlefield . For example, if you choose the healing kit, you can play the nurse during the game.

Garena Free Fire icon

2️⃣ Garena Free Fire

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available on google play
available on app store

Garena Free Fire is a video game of Battle Royale mobile created in Morocco. Due to its popularity, the game received the award of "Best Popular Voting Game" by the Google Play Store in 2019. You will find a third person perspective and some of the most beautiful graphics on mobile.

In this game, you are one of the fifty fighters parachuted onto the island! Once you've landed, anything is possible! You can arm yourself, collect ammunition, grenades and, of course, choose your landing position. A final goal: stay alive while exploding your kills counter!

Battle Royale mobile - Characters selection in Garena Free Fire
Choice of characters in Garena Free Fire

PUBG Mobile icon

3️⃣ PUBG Mobile

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available on google play
available on app store

Developed by the same studio as Call of Duty mobile, PUBG mobile or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massively multiplayer action game.

Parachute, gear up and take on the others. You'll have to survive 100-player battles in Charge, Zombie and 4v4 modes! Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, training modes and voice chat are also available.

A game mechanic in TPS (Third Person Shooter) and FPS that will delight everyone. We let you discover the trailer by yourself!

Royal Rocket icon

4️⃣ Rocket Royale

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available on google play
available on app store

Rocket Royale is strongly inspired by the Fortnite game. But this time, this mobile Battle Royale innovates and offers two ways to win the game. You will have to either kill all the other players, or build a rocket that you can use to escape from the island!

As on Fortnite, the fighter alternates between a weapon and a hammer made to recover enough to build this famous rocket.

Easy to play, very good ergonomics, simple controls, the game is undoubtedly one of the most simplistic in terms of Battle Royale. It will be perfectly suitable for beginners!

available on google play
available on app store

You wanted a subtle mix between a Battle Royale and a futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetic? Here you are with the mobile game Cyber Hunter! It's a real innovation in the Battle Royale game mode: the aesthetics change, and you can finally drive a motorcycle to land on the map!

Also note the multitude of weapon and construction options. A real plus when many Battle Royale games reduce the equipment catalogue to only five types of firearms.

Creative Destruction icon

6️⃣ Creative Destruction

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available on google play
available on app store

Will you survive the Royal Battle of Creative Destruction? This mobile game released in 2018 propels you into a sandy world with thirteen battlefield zones.

Your goal is to escape the snowstorm and fight to stay alive! Build up your arsenal, build and destroy as much as you want. The big plus of the game: no pay to win (not like in Fortnite season 5). However, skins or gliders are not free.

Battle Royale mobile - Creative Destruction
Battle Royale mobile - Creative Destruction

Fortnite icon

7️⃣ Fortnite

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How can you not mention Fortnite when you talk about Battle Royale? One hundred players battling it out on a single map and on the maps of the creative mode, it's a blast! Fortnite offers a multitude of events on PC, consoles, but also on mobile, as well as skins to win with its Battle Pass.

Jump off the bus and arm yourself as quickly as possible so you're the last survivor. Solo, duet, trio or section, you can play Fortnite on the phone with the touch controls, but also with a Bluetooth connected controller.

Battlelands Royale icon

8️⃣ Battlelands Royale

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available on google play
available on app store

Finally a Battle Royale with a little more childish graphics! Land in the crazy world of Battlelands Royale, a more casual game mode that lets 32 players compete against each other. Fight for as little as five minutes in solo or duet battles to escape the storm as quickly as possible before it catches up with you!

In this game, it is possible to win various rewards as well as trophies, allowing you to be part of the world ranking. You have to admit that shooting bazooka makes you want to! A very addictive game that we challenge you to stop playing.

Super Mecha Champions icon

9️⃣ Super Mecha Champions

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available on google play
available on app store

Super Mecha Champions offers a futuristic city where many players can fight in a real Japanese setting. Spectacular and bright graphics, like the animated No Game No Life.

Quite similar to PUBG mobile, this game puts a hundred players in rivalry who may have the chance to fight aboard giant robots at the end of the game! A game full of charm and above all one that is in the air of the times: yes, science fiction universes are very fashionable these days.

Battle Royale mobile - Super Mecha Champions
Battle Royale mobile - Super Mecha Champions

Rules of Survival icon

🔟 Rules of Survival

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available on google play
available on app store

Decidedly, NetEase Games knows how to deal with the Battle Royale. As a good mobile Battle Royale game, Rules of Survival is a reference since, this time, it is not one hundred players but one hundred and twenty who land on a desert island!

A Battle Royale game available in solo and multi mode with the ability to create a group of four teammates. Like any self-respecting survival game, you and your friends will have to face many risks such as poison, scattered gases or simply other fighters.

Apex Legends icon

💯 Apex Legends

Little bonus, just for you! Apex Legends is soon available on mobile! Indeed, Electronic Arts has announced the release of Apex on mobile phones and the game should be out in a few months. Moreover, we are expecting a lot from this game which should be great on mobile given the performances on PC.

This FPS mobile version will allow players who can't afford a good PC to play Apex Legends in Ranked mode.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Battle Royale mobile games. Feel free to test the games yourself by clicking on the various links to the Google Play Store and the App Store! Tell us what you thought of this TOP and what you would have put in our place! 😎

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