TOP 10: Best Mobile FPS - Android and iOS

Best Android and iOS Mobile FPS

Hello mobile gamers! Who said that FPS were only playable on consoles and PC? First person shooter games have become widely available on our phones. So much so that a large number of mobile developers have made a living out of it, by integrating, in particular, the joystick gameplay on smartphones!

In this top, we highlight for you, the best free mobile FPS on Android and iOS. From Dead Trigger 2, to Into the Dead 2, to COD mobile and World of Tanks Blitz, we review the mobile stores! Let's get started with this top pick on iPhone shooting games and Android shooting games. 😎

What exactly is an FPS (shooter)?

An FPS, or First Person Shooter, is a genre of first person shooter. First person view is more commonly known as "first person shooter". Unlike objective vision, or third person shooter(TPS), you will be able to see the action through the eyes of the protagonist you are playing. Yes, yes, this is the game mode where you only see the character's hands and weapon, not their entire body.

The FPS is therefore a sub-genre of action games. This genre is notably known to have emerged thanks to the evolution of 3D graphics. But also, the FPS emerged thanks to the evolution of multiplayer modes.

Like any good shooter, FPS allows for immersive combat, with a wide range of firearms. In fact, FPSs are also called e-sports, because they are so physical! In addition, FPSs are often synonymous with narrative adventure games with a plot, missions to complete to advance the story, etc.

You probably knew Call of Duty as one of the most popular FPS games. So after our Top Mobile Battle Royale games, here are ten mobile FPS, free FPS, that will make you sweat like never before 😉 Three, two, one, shoot!

The 10 best mobile FPS of the moment + 1 Bonus

Let's get to the heart of the matter. Discover our small selection of the best mobile FPS! Most of them are free offline FPS or MJ mode FPS, you might like it. 👌 Here are our 10 selected games and one bonus game. Let's go !

icon dead trigger 2

1️⃣ Dead Trigger 2

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available on google play
available on app store

Here's a great mobile game! Dead Trigger 2 is a mobile FPS from the studio Madfinger Games, who also created the game Shadowgun Legends! This game is the second installment in the Dead Trigger series, a survival FPS against zombies.

33 battlefields, 50 types of shooting weapons, with a single-player campaign, a global mission and side quests! Suffice to say, you don't get sloshed on Dead Trigger 2. Your mission: survive the apocalypse in a harrowing and brutal first-person view!

COD Mobile icon

2️⃣ Call of Duty Mobile

🖥 Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

📰 F ollow the news esport

available on google play
available on app store

Call of Duty mobile is a classic and is really one of the best mobile FPS! Call of Duty on the phone is: heavily armed PVP battles, single-player quests, a Battle Royale mode, a polished gameplay and above all a wide range of weapons to collect. In short, a nugget.

What's more, CoD mobile can be played with a phone controller. A new way to enjoy mobile FPS with the smooth and responsive controls of joysticks! The game features traditional Call of Duty graphics, FPS multiplayer, and a Battle Royale TPS mode. Plus, if you like Warzone, we suspect it's coming to mobile as an FPS game 😉

icon Shadowgun Legends

3️⃣ Shadowgun Legends

➡️ Visit the official website of MadfingerGames

available on google play
available on app store

A PVP mobile FPS and Coop Shooting as it should be! Shadowgun Legends, the brother of Dead Trigger 2, features an epic campaign and arena-based multiplayer. Play and earn rewards to customise your equipment.

You have bosses to fight and loot to collect in this futuristic looking FPS. In fact, there is a slight resemblance with our dear Apex Legends on this point!

Shadowgun Legends Mobile FPS
Aeroplane attack in the mobile FPS Shadowgun Legends

4️⃣ Warface: Global Operations

📝 S ee other games from the same publisher

available on google play
available on app store

Warface: Global Operations comes in at number 4 in this ranking as this mobile port is quite successful. Whether you like PvP or PvE, this mobile game will keep you busy during long play sessions. This FPS offers realistic urban combat and features 7 PvP maps, 4 game modes, skirmish, domination, FFA and defusing missions. PvE and cooperative raids await you with an arsenal of over 200 weapons. Far from having the best graphics, they are nonetheless effective, they promote immersion and immerse you in the Soviet atmosphere. A contemporary FPS that deserves to be discovered.

icon modern combat 5

5️⃣ Modern Combat 5

➡️ Discover all the games of Gameloft

available on google play
available on app store

Modern Combat 5 is a mobile FPS that will make you sweat! Nervous gameplay, enemies in every direction, and a multiplayer mode to fight other players! You have a mission: save the world. That's all there is to it!

Apocalyptic plans blend perfectly with epic battles and squads. Upgrade your skills and customize your weapon. Chat with your teammates and shoot the hell out of them. This bloody game represents the very soul of the FPS, thanks in part to its two modes, MJ and solo. If you like explosions and bombings, this game is for you!

icon Dead Effect 2

6️⃣ Dead Effect 2

➡️ Se e other games from the same publisher

available on google play
available on app store

Dead Effect 2 is a dark mobile FPS with very realistic graphics. It combines elements of an RPG in the combat, with bars of HP to shoot, and the classic FPS. Arm yourself and shoot! This game offers a game experience worthy of a console FPS, a real plus on mobile!

Dead Effect 2 is also a sci-fi world, with evolving weapons and body implants. You can play as three different characters with unique abilities. Fortunately, the game is playable with touch controls, but also with a smartphone controller.

icon critical ops

7️⃣ Critical Ops

➡️ Visit the official website of the publisher

available on google play
available on app store

Critical Ops is a mobile multiplayer FPS. It is currently in development and may see several new updates in the near future. It is a free-to-play game that requires a lot of tactical skills. There are no useful purchases to move up the player rankings, but you will have to work hard at training.

Defusing missions, death matches, two-team PVP games... Critical Ops is surely one of the most complete mobile FPS games in terms of missions!

icon Lonewolf

8️⃣ Lonewolf

➡️ Se e other games from the same publisher

available on google play
available on app store

Now that's an original mobile FPS! On Android or iPhone, you play as a lone killer, an assassin who works as a hitman for an organised crime ring. Although the FPS side is a big part of the gameplay, the story itself is very important.

30 missions to complete without a hitch, activate your sniper mode because you'll need it! The more missions you complete, the more weapons you can unlock. Finally, a word on the graphics: magnificent! Dark, mysterious, thriller-like, in short, visuals that make the difference.

Lonewolf FPS mobile
Sniper mode on the mobile FPS Lonewolf

9️⃣ World War Heroes

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available on google play
available on app store

World War Heroes puts you in the shoes of a World War II soldier. You take part in historical battles in player versus player. Lots of content, 7 battlefields, 4 types of military equipment from the 4 major nations involved in the conflict, 6 game modes and the possibility to pilot your tank. The maps are sublime and graphically, this game clearly does the job! The atmosphere of the battles can be felt from the first game. Moreover, if you liked the Medal of Honor license, go and try it!

icon Into the Dead 2

🔟 Into the Dead 2

➡️ Se e other games from the same publisher

available on google play
available on app store

You wanted a zombie FPS? Go ahead and play Into the Dead 2! This game, by Pip Pok, is a mobile FPS with an evolving story and multiple endings. You have to fight armies of zombies during an apocalypse, all to save your family. One word of order: slaughter them all!

A realistic, trashy game with a very varied gameplay. You can kill zombies, slaughter them, jump on buildings, climb, etc. We recommend it to experienced players, sensitive souls please refrain (or not)! 🧟♂️

icon Hitman Sniper

💯 Hitman Sniper

➡️ Visit the official website of Square Enix

available on google play
available on app store

A little bonus for the end? Well, here is Hitman Sniper! This mobile FPS game is not free. It's priced at €0.99 on the stores, a small expense for a game of this quality. This game takes you on a large map, which is always the same, but with many quests and contracts.

In Hitman Sniper, you play as a silent killer, a trigger-happy pro, a real sniper! One of the best precision shooting games on mobile. You have 16 weapons at your disposal to do your best head shots during your 150 missions! Your goal is simple: eliminate your targets in FPS and collect weapon parts to obtain more powerful firearms.

There, now you know more about the best mobile FPS games! An incredible world opens up for you on Android and iOS. We hope you enjoyed this ranking. If you did, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments below this article! 🤘

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