TOP 10: Best Mobile Sports Games - Android and iOS

Best mobile sports games - Android iOS

Sport in video games is nothing new! We already know the famous FIFA or NBA games on consoles. We also know a large number of sports games on Wii or on Nintendo DS with notably some games of the Mario franchise. Today, sports are coming to mobile games! As this is a fast-growing sector, it's not surprising to see sports games being developed on phones.
We present our selection of free mobile sports games! These games are all free to download on iOS and Android, except for the latest one. But hey, the latest game is so cool that we couldn't do without it in a list of the best smartphone sports games. Besides, they're all cool! Let's go ahead and check out the top 10 mobile sports games together 😉

What is a mobile sports game?

Come on, you're not going to tell me that you don't see what mobile sports games are? As we like to educate you a little more every day, we are going to give you a little definition of what a mobile sports game really is. Simply put, it is a competitive video game where you have to play a sport virtually on your smartphone. Most of these games are free and many offer multiplayer play. So you can play against your friends, but also against players from all over the world in many of the games we will present.

Many of these games are team games. You can play solo with and against bots or against and with real players. Football, rugby, basketball, hockey... Many sports for adrenaline-filled mobile games. Realistic or a little more extravagant, these sports games are often compared to esport. A kind of video game that wants to make you sweat so much it is intense! We understand the comparison as mobile sports games are very addictive and you immediately want to pick up the game again after one game.

The 10 best mobile sports games of the moment

We have selected, just for you, the best free Android sports games, for all sports and thrill seekers! Here are 10 mobile sports games! We know you like our free games tops, that's why all the games presented are free-to-play (or almost). 😊

eFootball icon PES 2021

1️⃣ eFootball PES 2021

➡️ Se e more games from KONAMI

available on google play
available on app store

Many football games exist on the stores, not easy to decide! We hesitated a lot with 2 other excellent titles: FIFA Football and Dream League Soccer 2021. But the eFootball title PES 2021 is perhaps the one that offers the most technical possibilities.
You will find the most prestigious teams and the greatest players of the moment. The game is beautiful, the animations are fast and precise and the tactical controls respond perfectly. It really has the feel of a successful football game. The eFootball mode allows you to play online and participate in sports competitions. This game is a must try if you are looking for a complete football game!

icon NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

2️⃣ NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

🕹 Also discover NBA JAM by EA SPORTS ™ (paid)

available on google play
available on app store

Second basketball game of this Top! NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is one of the best mobile sports games. Very realistic and fluid, the game allows you to build your own team by selecting players and changing the roster. Dribble your way to victory in real time tournaments or win friendly matches in 3v3. Compete in PvP, NBA LIVE's multiplayer mode. Win matches to earn Arena Masters and move up the leaderboard to prove your team's worth. Many events await you in this game perfectly adapted on the phone by Electronic Arts.

RBI Baseball 2021 icon

3️⃣ RBI Baseball 21

⚾️ Check out the previous title RBI Baseball 2020

available on google play
available on app store

Pure competition awaits you with RBI Baseball 21! The latest installment in the RBI Baseball series is a success. The title has very good graphics and animations and offers a lot of content. A career mode, an exhibition mode, the possibility to create your own player as well as 30 clubs and 165 real Major League Baseball players. The game brings a real baseball simulation to mobile with its advanced gameplay features. Finally, this high quality gameplay is accompanied by a great soundtrack with official commentators and top notch music. A game that will delight any baseball fan and allow you to fully discover this sport.

Best mobile sports games - RBI Baseball 21

available on google play
available on app store

Yes, yes, 8 Ball Pool is a pool game! If you are looking for the best free mobile pool game, this is it. This game allows you to play with friends or strangers following the rules of this addictive sport. You can even participate in pool tournaments in this mobile game.

Put the white ball in the holes, try to get all the others in except the black one and you win! What's more, this app is the number one Android sports game app. 8 Ball Pool is very realistic and gives you a real competitive experience on your smartphone. All you need is a Wi-Fi or 4G connection and that's it.
8 Ball Pool is also an opportunity to win rewards, but also the possibility to upgrade your game equipment! In short, an exciting and free game that is, I think, very relaxing for a sports game!

8 Ball Pool - mobile sports games

icon Hockey All Stars

5️⃣ Hockey All Stars

➡️ Discover other games from the same publisher

available on google play
available on app store

Mobile sports games can also feature a cold sport such as ice hockey! That's what makes this game so different. Hockey All Stars is a hockey game that allows players from all over the world to compete online in this sport. A brand new mode has been added recently: the possibility to participate in tournaments and championships.

Create your own hockey franchise, build a team with all the star players and compete with the best teams in the world to top the leagues and win the cup. This simulation game is truly dynamic and limitless. It couples with good touch control and very good screen fluidity and player movement.

Hockey All Stars - Mobile sports games

icon Ultimate Tennis

6️⃣ Ultimate Tennis

🕹 Discover Extreme Football, from the same publisher.

available on google play
available on app store

For tennis fans, this game is ideal! One of the best mobile sports games, Ultimate Tennis is definitely a very good simulation game on the phone. This mobile game easily combines RPG and tennis with a very pleasant gameplay. We do regret the relative lack of realism in the game. But we imagine that a new version could be released in a future update.

Different game modes are available such as World Tour and League. You can play against famous players with their own style of play. Players from all over the world and even your friends can join you to compete in an epic match! Modify your equipment to create your own custom player. You can even set your character's abilities! Isn't life great?

Rugby League 2020 icon

7️⃣ Rugby League 20

🏉 Discover the previous title Rugby League 19

available on google play
available on app store

Rugby League 20 is one of the most popular rugby games on mobile. You can discover the English and Australian leagues thanks to the addition of over 2,500 players and 160 clubs. The title offers breathtaking animations, made in motion capture. You have the ability to create your own team and grow it to the top of the All Star League. In addition to a full career mode, Rugby League 20 allows you to play online and compete against players in weekly competitions. There are many rewards to collect. Rugby fans, go and discover this title!

Madden NFL 21 mobile Football icon

8️⃣ Madden NFL 21 mobile Football

➡️ Discover other Electronic Arts games

available on google play
available on app store

Madden NFL 2021 offers you the chance to discover US football and lead your team to the mythical Superball in the career mode. You can make different tactical choices during the games. Indeed, halfway between management and simulation, the game brings everything you would expect from a good NFL game on the field. Your choices will make the difference between an experienced player and a beginner. There is therefore a lot of room for improvement in this game. As your understanding of the sport grows, so does your improvement. In terms of content, there are many players to unlock, as well as championships to win to the top. Graphically, it does the job!

icon Extreme Golf

9️⃣ Extreme Golf

➡️ Se e other games from the same publisher

available on google play
available on app store

Extreme Golf is a pure sports game on your phone. If you love golf, but can't play it in your everyday life, you can turn to this game! This mobile game is totally relaxing. You can play as a team of four players and compete against other club enthusiasts in multiplayer mode.
Improve your shot, upgrade your equipment and take it to the next level! This game is perfect for those who want to have a good time while following the perfect timing!

Grand Mountain Adventure icon

🔟 Grand Mountain Adventure

🏂 ❄️ 🏔

available on google play
available on app store

Grand Mountain Adventure is all about freeriding! You will have as a playground huge ski resorts with a lot of activities. All of this is enhanced by sumptuous graphics and the most successful art direction. You can take part in races and competitions, and even in real-time multiplayer. But the title also offers a Zen mode allowing you to just enjoy the view and the powder. So the sport is not always about competition, but always about fun. A real snowy journey that helps you clear your head!

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed our selection of the best free mobile sports games! Tell us in comments which game you like best! 😎

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