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Best Games like Hearthstone | Our Selection

best games like hearthstone

Do you like the mechanics of Hearthstone so much that you are looking for similar games? Well, we have prepared a list of the best games like Hearthstone! That is to say, the top trading card games found in mobile and PC versions. Hearthstone is a very popular game, but there are many others TCG worth looking at. For example, Magic: The Gathering Arena is a must-have of the genre! Each trading card game has its own world and its own characteristics. Let's find out about them right away! So you can choose and test the deck building game that suits you best. 🃏

Magic: The Gathering Arena - most similar to Hearthstone on PC

Years and years of existence and still as much success for the card game Magic! With a loyal community of fans since day one, Magic: The Gathering Arena has been all the rage since its release on PC. Available in the Epic Games Store, this legendary card game is available to everyone, as it is free! We have to admit that this TCG is the most famous card game in the world and, for that reason alone, it deserves to be tested!

Magic The Gathering Arena: games like Hearthstone

MTG Arena is a Hearthstone-like deck building game. The more you play it, the more your strategy will develop according to the different synergies between the cards and the game mechanics. The objective is also to collect as many different cards as possible. Thanks to your progression in the Tree of masteries, you will be able to optimize your decks. A word of advice: practice against the AI first, before you start playing the ranked games!
Probably one of the best card games like Hearthstone!

Magic the Gathering Arena: games like Hearthstone

Magic: ManaStrike - a mix between Hearthstone and Clash Royale

Magic: ManaStrike is not quite the adaptation of the famous MTG Arena game on mobile, but it comes close. The entire universe of the licence is, of course, fully present. This opus by Netmarble offers an attractive gameplay. It's easy to pick up and has delightful 3D graphics and animations. In fact, this is a game style, say, between Hearthstone and Clash Royale, you know? A mix between trading card game, strategy game and tower defense.

PvP games are fast (3 minutes) and the Planeswalkers are there to fight alongside you. You have to manage your mana well in order to destroy your opponent's tower and win directly. Note that your favourite cards can be upgraded. With duplicates and gold coins won during matches, you can upgrade them to the next level. Fans of the licence will be won over by this free-to-play Magic!

available on google play
available on app store

Legends of Runeterra - a game that looks a lot like Hearthstone

Inspired by the League of Legends universe (normal, it's the same publisher, Riot Games), Legends of Runeterra is a strategic card game like Hearthstone. Indeed, the gameplay is very similar. You choose your champions, build the best possible deck, think about synergies and must place your cards wisely on the board. So far nothing new, except the combat system, since your cards will attack the ones placed in front of them at the end of your turn.

New strategies will need to be put in place to meet the needs of the ever-changing meta as it is updated. What's pretty cool (especially if you're a LoL player, or a fan of the universe) is that each champion to integrate into your deck has a mechanic from the LoL heroes. It's also an opportunity to discover a new graphic universe than the one of Blizzard!

available on google play
available on app store

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

As its name suggests, Gwent is the trading card game (TCG) based on the fantasy universe of The Witcher, the successful literary saga (adapted into a series on Netflix). As in any good strategy game, your best weapon in the different game modes will be your talent and not luck (although you do need a bit of it!).
Gwent differs from Hearthstone in its combat system. Indeed, to win the battle against your opponent, you must win 2 out of 3 rounds. Furthermore, you start the game with 10 cards in your hand and the board is composed of 2 rows. The beautiful illustrations of the cards make this free-to-play game an excellent alternative to Hearthstone!

available on google play
available on app store

In a completely different universe, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a deck building game based on the Yu-Gi-Oh manga universe. In this Android, iOS and PC card game, you can play as all the characters from the famous saga. These are unlocked as you progress.
The gameplay is simple and accessible to all. The goal of the game is, of course, to build the best deck of cards to defeat your opponents. To do this, you must collect as many cards as possible. In duel or single player campaign mode, each time you win, you get rewards (gems) which you use to buy new cards.

available on google play
available on app store

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - the card game from the Skyrim universe

You probably know the story and characters of The Elder Scrolls ! This is the trading card game based on this rich and successful RPG universe. Among the games that resemble Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a free-to-play game that satisfies all fans of the licence. You play against another player in PvP mode with a deck of at least 50 cards.

The Elder Scrolls Legends, games like Hearthstone

Using your cards costs resources, a bit like Hearthstone with mana. On the other hand, the board is divided into 2 rows of 2 columns. It is therefore a real strategy that you must develop by judiciously placing your cards on the board. The single player modes are rich and well supplied (campaign, arena, challenge) and allow newcomers to get the hang of it!

available on google play
available on app store

Slay The Spire - a TCG like Hearthstone rogue-like

Slay the Spire is a rogue-like card game and deck building game developed and published by MegaCrit. For each of your games, you start with a deck of 10 cards, different according to the character you have chosen. You will have to climb the floors of the dungeons and cross different rooms to defeat your opponents.

Slay The Spire: games like Hearthstone

At each intersection, a new choice is presented to you. You have to decide which way to go: basic enemy or elite boss fight? The rewards The end-of-battle bonus will be more generous if you choose danger over safety.
Of course, your cards allow you to vary the spells you cast to weaken your opponents (AOE, direct damage, poison, vulnerability, etc.). The game mechanics are different from Hearthstone.

available on google play
available on app store

This selection is coming to an end. We hope this article has given you a boost in finding your new game like Hearthstone to get hooked on! 😆
Let us know in the comments if you play any of the games on this list or have any other ideas to suggest!

Finally, as you may have noticed, all these trading card games are available on 3 platforms: Android, iOS and PC. This is deliberate on our part, as we are preparing a future article that will only talk about games like Hearthstone, but only available on phones. An opportunity to discover some very cool little indie games!

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