Top most popular mobile games of 2020

Top popular mobile games of 2020

The year 2020 will have been a year of many twists and turns! And you know what? The mobile gaming industry has never been in better shape than in 2020. The explanations are quite simple, you just have to be a little bit clear-sighted. 2020 = Covid-19 = repeated confinements = bored people = explosion of mobile game downloads. I don't need to draw you a picture either?
If there was ever a year to release a video game, it was 2020. Too bad for those who missed the boat. If we had to choose only 2 Android mobile games that marked 2020 by their number of downloads, it's without a doubt (Spoiler Alert!) Among Us and Genshin Impact. Come on, let's take a tour together of the most popular mobile games of 2020 ⭐️ ⤵️

Among Us: the most downloaded mobile game of 2020 🥇

Okay, I'm cheating. Among Us is not coming out in 2020. Yes, I know, but it's true. Indeed, Among Us has been around since late 2018 and was a total flop at the time of its release. Lack of means to communicate? Poorly targeted community? The story doesn't say what didn't work at the time of its release, but we do know what propelled it into 2020. Some streamers on Twitch tried it "just to see" and... paf! Here we are with the most downloaded mobile game of all time (er, maybe not exaggerating. What? 🤔 ). With over 9.8 million reviews on the Google Play Store, it's also the most reviewed game by gamers in 2020.

Its big advantage is that it's completely free on mobile (whether on Android or iOS). For PC gamers, it's also available on Steam for €3.99 ($4.99), but you can also play it on PC for free if you've got urchins in your wallet (pardon the early 20th century expression).
What's also appealing about this story is that the prize goes to an independent game studio. Indeed, Innersloth can boast of one thing, having dethroned all the giant mobile game publishers by 2020!

Genshin Impact : the runaway success of 2020 🥈

Released in late September, Genshin Impact is the game officially released in 2020 that has been (and still is) a great success. It has to be said that miHoYo pulled out all the stops! This open world gacha RPG is simply sublime. Whether it's the graphics, the music, the scenario or the gameplay, Genshin Impact ticks all the boxes.
What makes it so addictive is simply the fact that it is cross-platform; you can play it from anywhere. Let me explain, you can install it on PC, on PS4, and thanks to our tip, you can even play Genshin Impact on a Mac! Of course (it goes without saying), you can also play it on Android or iOS. The game is so well optimised on the different media that you can switch from one to the other without any difficulty. Just log in to your game account and you'll find all your progress instantly! 👌

Another great point, reason -among others- of its success, is that it is free-to-play. And you don't need to pay to advance in your adventure levels. Indeed, even if the gacha system encourages players who want to tryhard to pay, if you are a casual player and want to have a good time, it is totally possible. And for many hours of play! A nugget, I tell you! 💎

Most popular free mobile games released in 2020

A number of free mobile games have made their mark this year. Among the most downloaded games, there are several different styles. But the big winners are undoubtedly the "mainstream" style games. These games meet the needs of the majority of people, whether they want to be entertained for five minutes or to wait for a while in the car, for example.

Top free gamesRelease date on AndroidNumber of reviews on Google Play StoreNumber of downloads
My talking Tom FriendsMy Talking Tom Friends11 June1.4 million+ 100 million
icon Who isWho is? Riddles and puzzles9 September730 k+ 10 million
icon house flipper home renovationHouse Flipper: House renovation22 October680 k+ 10 million
The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross icon The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross2 March400 k+ 10 million
icon Harry Potter puzzles and spellsHarry Potter : Riddles & Spells22 September390 k+ 10 million
icon Prison Empire TycoonPrison Empire Tycoon - Idle Game10 June350 k+ 10 million
icon Guardian TalesGuardian Tales27 July290 k+ 1 million

Most popular paid mobile games released in 2020

Paid mobile games were also popular in 2020! Adventures, action and puzzles were the favourite themes of gamers in the past year. The most successful paid mobile game released in 2020 was the classic Dead Cells, which has released a DLC at the time of writing.

Top paying gamesRelease date on AndroidNumber of reviews on Google Play StoreNumber of downloads
icon Dead CellsDead Cells2 June18 k+ 100 k
icon Castlevania Symphony of the NightCastlevania: Symphony of the Night3 March15 k+ 100 k
icon Ultimate Custom NightUltimate Custom Night24 April12 k+ 100 k
icon Boris and The Dark SurvivalBoris and the Dark Survival9 February8 k+ 100 k
Football Manager 2021 mobile iconFootball Manager 2021 Mobile26 October6 k+ 100 k
icon The House of Da Vinci 2The House of Da Vinci 218 February9 k+ 50 k
icon Pascal's WagerPascal's Wager24 June8 k+ 50 k

What about you? Which mobile game released in 2020 did you fall for? For my part, I must admit I was seduced by Guardian Tales and I loved The House of Da Vinci 2! Of course, I haven't tried them all! But I also had a huge crush on Genshin Impact which, in my opinion, completely revolutionises mobile and tablet gaming! Woe betide anyone who says otherwise. 😜

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