Top 18 best mobile MMORPG for 2024 | an Android and iOS selection

Top MMORPGs on Android and iOS mobiles

Take a look at our TOP 18 mobile MMORPG for Android and iOS. Whether you're a fan of PvP battles or prefer exploration and a more relaxing atmosphere, you'll find a wide range of games that we've ranked according to our preferences! We'll let you discover all our favourite mobile games and explain why they stand out from the crowd.

What exactly is a mobile MMORPG?

An Android or iOS MMORPG is a game with an online multiplayer experience. To begin with, you generally have to create a character who will evolve in a particular universe. There are a variety of moods, ranging from realistic medieval to fantasy, science fiction and steampunk.

As well as its world and artistic direction, an MMORPG offers a wide range of community activities, based on a clever mix of intensive farming, crafting, exploration, PvE and PVP combat, hundreds of quests and players helping each other, sometimes with hierarchies as in guild systems. Some phone MMORPG even allow players to actively participate in the economy of the virtual world they are exploring.

The 18 best mobile MMORPG of the moment

Here we go with our TOP 18 of the best Android and iOS MMORPG games.


Albion Online: The best Mobile MMORPG

Official Albion Online icon
Albion Online

The sandbox game Albion Online is back as the best Android and iOS MMORPG. This mobile version offers exactly the same experience as the PC version, and is also cross-platform. Here, players and guilds run the world and its economy: all equipment and buildings come from resources collected by real players. You are what you wear: you can become a blacksmith, a farmer or a fighter, depending on what you want and need.

This game is the quintessential MMORPG, not only because of its excellent crafting system, but also because of its strategic combat. Wild PvP, GvG and dungeons will spice up your sessions. In conclusion, what sets Albion Online apart from other mobile MMORPG is that you can explore a living world that evolves according to your actions.


Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert mobile icon
Black Desert Mobile

In second place for best mobile MMORPG is a successful PC port combining tactical combat and management: Black Desert Mobile. In this Korean title, you can set off on adventures, build your camp, manage your harvests, go fishing, sail the seas and more. The avatar creation system is very precise, allowing you to model unique characters despite the gender lock typical of Asian games.

Choose one of the 15 classes available and go into battle against various enemies, both player and non-player. The title is fairly realistic thanks to its majestic graphics: in this respect, it clearly hasn't stolen its number 2 spot. What's more, Black Desert Mobile benefits froma huge community and regular updates. So there's no risk of getting bogged down in it too quickly - there's so much to do!


Tower of Fantasy

Official Tower of Fantasy icon
Tower of Fantasy
  • The lore of a Genshin Impact

  • The scope of an MMO

  • A complete overhaul in 2024

In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe, you play as an amnesiac recruit on the planet Aida, humanity's refuge from the over-exploitation of its home planet 's resources. Level Infinite's gameplay and exotic universe leave plenty of room for theorycraft. But the combat and exploration systems also offer a variety of mechanics. As you explore the world and take on the various enemies lurking there, you can trigger bullet time by dodging at the right moment, chain your opponents with devastating combos and even launch ultimate skills for explosive results!

This cross-platform mobile and PC open-world MMORPG features gameplay and graphics reminiscent of Genshin Impact, but with a healthy dose of multiplayer thrown in for good measure. The game's universe is also quite different, as this title mixes fantasy and science fiction in an action-packed cocktail of exploration. In Tower of Fantasy, each weapon embodies a character and his or her fighting style.

You can then switch weapons during combat to unleash explosive combos with the game's characters or your own avatar. Tower of Fantasy's strength, in addition to its comprehensive living world, is its constantly changing content, with quests, events, puzzles and temporary bosses. The open world shared between players is filled and extended with major expansions.



Official V4 icon

Thanks to the possibilities it offers with its multi-platform open world, V4 is in third place on the podium of the best mobile MMORPG. Character customisation is also very advanced, with 50 editing options. Then choose one of 6 epic classes to fight other players who have fallen into the Dimensional Rift like you. Next, you'll join the good or evil faction.

Finally, develop your character by acquiring new abilities and interacting with other players during hunting parties. What's more, V4 lets you bring up to 300 players together on the same battlefield - something never before seen on mobile! What's more, Nexon's title boasts top-quality 3D graphics and animations, so you can get the most out of this adventure.



Official Undawn icon
  • MMORPG in survival and shooter mode

  • Crossplatform, with numerous game modes

  • Create your shelter

In fifth place, we find Undawn, which is ranked here because it's still very new and we don't know what future updates or the game's stability will hold in store for us. In Undawn, as well as running into Will Smith, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. On PC and mobile, enjoy a cross-platform survival open-world that will no doubt remind you of the good aspects of Life After. With Tencent's power to conquer its market, Undawn doesn't come empty-handed.

In-game, a cocktail of PvE and PvP is set against a backdrop of apocalyptic wastelands. 4 years after the world was ravaged, explore different biomes with deserts, ruined cities and swamps, each with its own flora and fauna. Your survival experience is punctuated by a weather cycle of snow, rain and other bad weather that makes survival more complex. To try and last as long as possible, you'll need to keep an eye on your survival indicator gauges, such as hunger and mood, just like a wild Sim.

What's more, just like a Sim, you'll be entitled to a personalised appearance and a shelter that you can build into a castle if you're feeling like a builder. Survive the infected, trade with players and take advantage of a host of stylish weapons and vehicles in addition to your tactical drone to wreak havoc on the lands of Undawn. Tencent's survival MMORPG also offers grand prix racing, mecha combat and group music composition game modes to keep things varied for free on Android and iOS.



Top MMORPG mobile Runescape
  • Slow retro mechanics

  • Iconic licence

  • Subscription with extra content

Originally released on Steam, Runescape, 6th in this top list of MMORPG for phones, plunges you into the fantasy world of Gielinor. At the heart of the 6th Age of the world, meet new comrades-in-arms and prepare together for a great crusade. Optimise and develop your character to anticipate battles against major bosses or take part in all the regular game events powered by updates. Learn to master some thirty unique skills.

This very old-school title will appeal in particular to fans of slower, more sedate old-school RPGs who appreciate depth of gameplay above all else. The title offers a subscription service to unlock more content for the biggest fans of the licence. You can expand your passions to include cooking, resource gathering, lumbering, gardening, blacksmithing, rune crafting, summoning creatures, managing your farm and dungeon exploration. The game's mechanics are rather slow, but allow you to achieve a high level of mastery, and all the content benefits from cross-platform support.


Dragon Raja

Official Dragon Raja icon for Android and iOS
Dragon Raja
  • Open-world with a wealth of possibilities

  • Advanced customisation

  • Urban fantasy atmosphere

In 7th place, Dragon Raja spreads its wings with a beautiful open-world with almost infinite possibilities. What delights all players of this MMORPG is the customisation of the avatar and its style, as well as the different gameplay paths for your social life, career or fighting style.

The world of Dragon Raja is enhanced by realistic collisions and motion capture to give real substance to its virtual world. Define your personality, clothing style and everything else about yourself with multiple custom options. Become a star, a streetwise stranger or a ravaged fighter.

It's a bit of a mess on screen during combat, but the game really won over a big chunk of the mobile community by shaking up open-world freedom on its release. Virtually visit iconic locations around the globe, take on bosses and choose the fighting style that best suits your personality to progress to the end-game. Dragon Raja is a free MMORPG on Android and iOS, and you'll need at least 5 gigs of free space to be able to explore this fantastic social universe in complete freedom.


Diablo Immortal

Top mobile MMO Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal
  • Plenty of end-game content

  • Story between Diablo 2 and 3

  • Aggressive business model

Diablo Immortal, which came 8th in the rankings despite its over-indulgent pay-to-win launch, has made it into our top mobile MMORPG with the cross-platform PC and mobile option. A well-made dark hack'n'slash with a wealth of content, its abusive monetisation practices aren't enough to knock it off the map, nor do they allow it to be ranked higher. In terms of storytelling, you'll be immersed in Blizzard's licence between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and discover an original story. With no news from the Archangel Tyrael, who has probably fallen, humanity is paying the price for its actions.

Explore new lands of Sanctuary in the latest MMORPG in the Diablo series. Choose between the barbarian, the crusader, the demon hunter, the monk, the necromancer, the sorcerer or the new classes being added gradually to prevent Diablo's minions from using the corrupted fragments of the Worldstone.

In PvP or PvE, develop your build, build your stuff and take on major enemies like the Skeleton King, Baal and the Ice Colossus. All the darkness of Blizzard's action-MMORPG is finally revealed in free-to-play on Android and iOS, with full end-game content. Be warned, however, that the game has been banned in some countries because of its lootboxes.


Summoners War: Chronicles

Summoners War: Chronicles top mobile MMORPG
Summoners War: Chronicles
  • The depth of the Summoners War bestiary

  • Ideal for farming

  • Advanced theorycraft

In 9th place is the MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles. This cross-platform title between mobile and PC invites you to freely discover the universe and monsters of the famous licence powered by Com2Us. As soon as the European servers were launched in 2023, the French community gathered on the liebli server to explore the world of Summoners War in 3D together.

In-game, if you're familiar with the SW licence, you'll be drowned out by fan service and an interesting adaptation of the Sky Arena features. The continents to discover make up an effervescent and cute world. The game is played mainly in automatic mode and is a little dated technically, but offers depth based on a decade of ultra-advanced theorycrafting for Summoners War.

The monsters are varied, the rune and composition possibilities almost endless and there's always something to keep you busy between PvE resource gathering dungeons, ascension towers, co-op raids and dungeons, PvP, side missions and temporary events throughout the day.


Dofus Touch

Best Android and iOS MMOs Dofus Touch
Dofus Touch
  • Tactical turn-based combat

  • Over 15 years of content available

  • Questionable Dofus humour

At the heart of the famous world of Wakfu and Dofus, we find the mobile game Dofus Touch in 10th place. In this colourful game made in France by Ankama, choose from 15 classes and embark on a nostalgic adventure.

This vast universe is one of the best mobile MMORPG on the go, offering all kinds of raids, dungeon conquests, quests and battles to increase your abilities. Join a guild, practice a trade and take an active part in the economy of the fantastic open world with the dubious humour of Dofus. Numerous PvE and PvP challenges await you, not to mention scams and bots. What sets the title apart from other MMORPG is its tactical turn-based combat system.

In the world of the Twelve, set off in search of the legendary dragon eggs known as Dofus and explore this cartoon universe filled with epic battles. As you go on quests and collect loot, try to reach the famous level 200 to be able to enjoy the end-game content. Develop a farm, collect companions, decorate your haven and constantly optimise your build. Discover Dofus free-to-play on mobile and experience a unique adventure full of nostalgia in Dofus Touch on Android and iOS.


MapleStory M

MapleStory M icon
MapleStory M
  • 2D side-scrolling

  • Cute game

  • Lots of farming and activities

In 11th place, discover or rediscover MapleStory M, a colourful, cartoonish and kawaii MMORPG for phones. At the heart of this nostalgia-filled retro game, you take on the role of an explorer after choosing your unique class from among the game's well-known ones, such as Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, Corsair, etc. You'll have the chance to discover the Shadower, the Hero and the Arch Mage.

You can then explore legendary cities such as Henesys and Elinia and join a guild or fight in PvP.

The grind mechanics here are based on a classic MMO model, and include missions, raids, bosses, side activities and socialising options. Visit Maple World from your mobile, collect idle rewards, catch monsters, cook up a storm, adopt up to three pets, join a guild and change your appearance with cosmetic surgery.

There's plenty to do in this 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. As a guild, delve into dungeons or battles, and as a group, go on expeditions or take advantage of seasonal events to vary your Maplestory M experience.


Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind icon top MMORPG mobile
Tales of Wind
  • Varied game modes

  • Old-school visuals

  • Lots of cooperation

Tales of Wind, ranked 12th in this top list of the best MMOs for phones, will make you the chosen one in its virtual world. Embark on the Kawai adventure of this action MMORPG with its old-school visuals and your own cute character. Alternate outfits, pets and mounts to develop your personal style and power. After battles, learn to seal monsters in power cards. Collect loot in PvE and PvP, powered by your own strength or that of your group.

And this is where Tales of Wind shines: the game isn't content with the basic activities of an MMO. Instead, it offers a whole host of social activities such as racing, shooting, quizzing and a whole host of others in up to 20 different game modes. In the base game, you can take part in duo tasks, share a farm, and even get married in church if you meet your virtual soulmate.

With your companion and the other members of the server, advance the story, join a guild and fight in GvG in large-scale PvP battles. Tales of Wind will certainly appeal to fans of classic MMORPG, and we can also recommend similar titles such as Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim.


TORAM Online

Official TORAM Online icon
TORAM Online
  • Complete Bestiary

  • Housing instance

  • Pleasant NPCs

A sequel to the MMORPG Iruna Online from publisher Asobimo, TORAM Online uses the same mechanics and similar gameplay, but with a more modern twist. Go to the rescue of the inhabitants of this fantastic world in which you play the role of a newly arrived adventurer.

Explore the world as you please, travelling through the towns, caves and colourful landscapes of Toram. Bond with engaging NPCs, loot or buy your weapons through the player-based economy and constantly progress to new heights.

Take on a variety of monsters, such as volcano wolves, goblins and treants, that make up TORAM's fantasy universe. Discover these lands filled with secondary missions, crafting, raising pets and customising your personal house instance. Invite or join other players to discover the world of Toram Online as a group on Android and iOS. Despite a slightly dated atmosphere, the game deserves its place among the best mobile MMORPG of the moment.


ARK: Survival Evolved

Top MMORPG ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Survival and construction

  • Dinosaurs

  • What more could you ask for?

Ranked 14th in our top mobile MMORPG and 3rd in our list of the best mobile open-worlds, ARK comes out on top. Set in the Jurassic era, you land on an island in a primitive universe, unarmed and without resources. To survive in this hostile world, you can choose to play ARK Survival Evolved on your own in Solo mode, or with hundreds of other players on a persistent server.

The game has over 80 types of dinosaurs and other creatures to discover, capture, breed, train to perform tasks and even use as mounts. So, like a highly motivated hunter-gatherer, you'll have to farm natural resources in dynamic ecosystems to make tools and evolve while developing your makeshift shelter. In multiplayer, you can also form tribes. This allows you to meet new people, pool the forces of survivors and even build entire cities.

With new clothes, weapons and items, you can build up enough of an arsenal to take on the dangerous predators and perhaps join the Ark. Ark: Survival Evolved is a huge open-world MMORPG available free on Appstore with a primal pass and fully translated into French.


AdventureQuest 3D

AdventureQuest 3D best MMORPG
AdventureQuest 3D
  • Crossplatform PC and mobile

  • Open-world fantasy MMO

In 15th place was AdventureQuest 3D. This cross-platform game for PC and mobile is a real departure from the usual standards. Packed with wacky humour, wacky puns and all kinds of bullshit, AdventureQuest 3D also promises to let you change class at any time and access cross-skills.

You'll come face to face with fantasy mobs, each one crazier than the last, from dragons and vampire lords to half-chicken half-dragon drickens and mysterious chimera frogzards. Crack your weapons, fish in groups, adopt pets or go PvE to occupy your days in this virtual world that evolves with the seasons.

The world is updated weekly to constantly enhance its content and meet the expectations of its community. As well as seasonal and social activities such as raids and dungeons, this fantastic open-world MMO offers demanding parkour on the map, some of it quite hardcore. With such a challenging world beneath your feet, you'll be relieved to be able to transform into birds, dragons and other flying things. AdventureQuest 3D brings its humorous and liberated touch to the MMORPG genre on Android and iOS.


The Legend of Neverland

The Legend of Neverland MMO icon
The Legend of Neverland
  • Exotic frames

  • Peaceful atmosphere

  • Extensive PvE and PvP content

The Legend of Neverland, the 16th MMORPG on this list, plunges you into a world of enchanting Japanese animation-style graphics and a super-peaceful atmosphere. Once you've personalised your avatar, take your first steps to the rhythm of the animated cutscenes and elaborate soundtrack, and explore every corner of the world.

You're free to go wherever you want to uncover the mysteries of The Legend of Neverland. If you want to go faster, ride the cute birds that almost made me forget the chocobos in Final Fantasy. With each journey, you can build up your power or take time to live. You can fish, cook, gather resources and even settle down somewhere.

As well as the other players who populate the world, you'll be accompanied by Miru, your personal elf, who will improve in proportion to your progress. Flower fairies can also be recruited. They'll provide support during the game's dynamic battles. As in Traha, you can switch at any time between the swordsman, ranger, scholar and craftsman classes to dominate your battles. Take part in PvE group boss battles and PvP matches of honour in The Legend of Neverland on Android and iOS.


Lineage 2

First of all, it's important to remember that this MMORPG is the worthy heir to the Lineage licence. As always, the title is geared towards PvP battles, and boasts exceptional graphics. Battles are fought in real time. They take place on an open battlefield, whether it's a classic duel or 50 vs 50. These arenas require a certain amount of control over your character, and even though the game offers automatic battles, in PvP they are synonymous with certain defeat!

As with many mobile MMORPG, you'll have the choice of playing as several different races and classes, joining a guild and joining forces with other heroes to fight epic bosses in highly realistic raids.


Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Top mobile MMORPG Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
  • Visual direction by Studios Ghibli

  • An enchanting and colourful universe

  • Play-to-earn

Buoyed by the animation of Studio Ghibli, Bandai Namco's Ni no Kuni licence returns to mobile gaming with a pinch of play-to-earn in this ranking of the best MMORPG on mobile. Freshly arrived in the world of Ni no Kuni as a VR beta tester called Soul Diver, you discover a surprising world with a distinctive graphic style.

Customise your avatar and choose one of the available classes. Become a swordsman, a witch, an engineer, a warrior, a rebel or a scientist. Go on adventures alone and make friends along the way, unlock powerful and cute pets, take a moment to decorate your farm and collect resources to develop your crafts. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an enchanting-looking game that invites you to join a kingdom and take part in the world and its story through its MMO system.

Netmarble's game also ventured into blockchain and NFTs shortly after its release, and we wanted to put it in this top spot to showcase its different graphical style and a recent play-to-earn game based on a solid licence. In the play-to-earn mobile games category, we can also recommend Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT and Honor of Heirs.

That's the end of the list of the best mobile MMORPG! Whatever your gaming profile, there's bound to be an Android or iOS game to suit you in our selection. Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments what you thought of it, or to share your best virtual moments on these MMOs to encourage other members of the community to try out your favourite titles. I remind you that all the games offered here are free and that this list is not exhaustive. By the way, which is the best mobile MMORPG for you? Which one made the biggest impression on you and why? Don't hesitate to share your own preferences and experiences when it comes to Android and iOS MMORPG!

To compile this ranking, we've taken into account our personal experiences of each game as well as feedback from testers. So there's something for everyone: from the casual kawaii to the tryharder looking for NFTs to collect.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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