Test of CastleStorm: Our review on this mobilegame

CastleStorm - Free to Siege is a strategy game. It is a game that was first published for the PC and then ported to the console, mobile and tablet versions. The aim of this test is not to compare the console and PC versions, but to see how the game fits into the portable version. In CastleStorm - Free to Siege you have to defend your castle against various enemies.


CastleStorm Gameplay and World

CastleStorm - Free to Siege, is similar to a tower defense. You control a ballista, and you have to fire on the attackers of the castle. However, the game is not limited to a simple destruction game. You will have the right to use different projectiles and also the possibility to summon magical powers. Basically you have to defend your castle, or capture and destroy your opponent's castle. CastleStorm, with its very Warcraft-like graphics, is a take on angry birds and tower defence. The game itself doesn't revolutionize the video game universe, but it still imposes its style with a very funny humour throughout the game.

Among the different game modes offered in the campaigns you will have the right to defend and conquer castles, to defend a flag. Sometimes you will also have to eliminate waves of enemies in an arena, armed with your sword or your bow with your brave and valiant hero. With its horizontal scrolling, the game is not difficult to handle.

You will have various units to assault enemy castles, archers, soldiers, priests and the knight Gareth. All in all, CastleStorm is a good time. With 4 campaigns (3 of which you have to pay for), a castle editor and multiplayer CastleStorm - Free to Siege offers a good experience and a considerable amount of time, especially if you are always looking to reach new scores.


My opinion

Castlestorm is a hybrid of tower-defense, management and angry bird. It offers a lot of possibilities. Moreover, its cartoon-warcraft atmosphere will delight your eyes.

Positive points

  • Visual cartoon-warcraft
  • Multiplayer
  • Castle Editor

Negative points

  • The appeal of in-app purchases
  • May seem long at first
Visual - 9
Playability - 8
Lifetime - 9
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