Mobile games: ranking by genre

Mobile games: ranking by genre

Find all the news about your favourite mobile games! Upcoming releases, pre-registrations, smartphones to play with and all kinds of news!

The different categories of mobile games

Phone games are no exception. As with all video games, there is a wide range of mobile game types. Most importantly, you can often play good mobile games for free.
If you use a classic smartphone, you can play Android mobile games. If your preference is Apple, then you will find . mobile games for iPhone. But don't worry, you can often find the same games on both devices.
Whether they are free or paidyou will find so many mobile games that we don't know where to turn! So imagine if on top of that we offer you to discover all the new mobile games that have just been released 😉 !
Let's try to help you choose!

How to choose your mobile game genre?

  1. Do you love to go on adventures in exciting stories? Do you enjoy interacting with NPCs and collecting items? Choose a mobile adventure game, a mobile RPG(role playing game) or a mobile game in the manga genre.

  2. Do you prefer mobile games that involve analysing the situation, thinking and implementing a strategy? In that case, go for mobile strategy games, mobile thinking games, mobile RTS (or real time strategy) games or why not for a MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) or a tower defense.

  3. Survive at all costs? Shoot your enemies to win? Do you want to be the last survivor on the map? Then go for a mobile FPS(first person shooter) game, or better still, a mobile Battle Royale game.

  4. Is it cooperation that drives you, moving forward as a team to defeat the game's bosses? Or do you want to meet other real players to compete and win? The MMO(massively multiplayer online) and multiplayer mobile game styles are for you.

  5. Do you like to face mobs with skill? More of a single player game with simple, repetitive gameplay? Then choose mobile arcade games.

  6. Do games that represent reality appeal to you? Games where, in order to win, you have to manage different parameters, actions and interactions? Then choose mobile simulation games or mobile management games.

  7. Do you enjoy solving puzzles, combining objects and matching items? Then you should look into mobile puzzle or card games.

  8. Do you like competitive games, where challenge and team spirit abound? Then come and test yourself against the greatest players by testing a game esport on mobile!

Is a mobile game genre missing from our list? Or would you like to publish your mobile game on our site? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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