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Summoners War 9-Year Coin Shops - What to get?

Summoners War: Sky Arena's 9th anniversary event has just been launched and as for its 8th anniversary, SW parts stores are...[Read More]

List of free Summoners War 2023 codes

Looking to get some extra scrolls ? Here's a tip to get some cool rewards with Summoners War codes.[Read More]

What should I choose from the Summoners War 8-Year Coins Shop?

The 8th anniversary event has been running for a while now, but the Summoners War 8 Year Anniversary Coin Shop has just opened. Here you can find...[Read More]

Summoners War Anniversary Codes - 8 Year Anniversary Events

The final stretch of the Summoners War 8-year event is coming to an end, and with it comes more and more goodies from Summoners War.[Read More]

All about Summoners War TOA Hell and the Stage 1 strategy (F2P)

After several hundred hours of relentless farming, you have finally overcome the TOA and TOAH. A new challenge lies ahead of you.[Read More]

Summoners War HoH (Hall of Heroes)

The Hall of Heroes (HoH) in Summoners War is a monthly event available on certain occasions, such as the game's anniversary. It consists of a...[Read More]

Second Awakening Inugami Summoners War | All About Guide

In Summoners War, you can awaken certain monsters a second time! Thanks to this second awakening, your monsters will get a new life.[Read More]

Second Awakening Griffon Summoners War | All About Guide

You already know how to awaken your faithful companions in Summoners War, but do you know the Second Awakening that some of your companions can get?[Read More]

How to use the Summoners War Rune Optimizer ?

In Summoners War, it can quickly become tedious to run your monsters properly. Indeed, there are many things to take into account when choosing your monsters...[Read More]

Auto Summoners War: How does it work?

Tired of constantly having to pay attention to your phone when you're pranking? Then Summoners War's car battles may be your answer.[Read More]

Tier list of Summoners War: The best monsters in PvP

This tier list of Summoners War will aim to present the best PvP monsters of SW with the most potential and according to their number of years of existence.[Read More]

The Dimension Hole of Summoners War

The Dimension Hole of Summoners War is a new world that allows new interactions with your monsters like the second awakening. The 2nd Awakening is a new world that allows for new interactions with your monsters such as the 2nd Awakening...[Read More]

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