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Summoners War 9-Year Coin Shops - What to get?

Summoners War 9 Years Coin Shop

Summoners War: Sky Arena's 9th anniversary event has just been launched and as for its 8th anniversary, SW coin shops are available! Here we will see what to take in priority to be profitable to the maximum. However, there is no big calculation to do like the previous event with unlimited coins. Don't forget to activate the Summoners War codes to get even more free rewards .

How to get 9-year coins on Summoners War?

It is possible to get 9-year coin in 6 different ways. You will then be able to use them in the different stores and as a bonus, you will be able to summon a free 5* monster among 9 choices. Here are the 6 actions to collect a maximum of coins:

  • Check in = 30 of 9-year coin;
  • PvE content = 4 to 6 of 9-year coin;
  • Arenas = 6 of 9-year coin;
  • Guild PvP = 10 coins of the 9 years;
  • Get or spend 100 crystals = 5 of 9-year coin.
get 9-year coins in Summoners War

Remember to do all the guild content like maze, occupation fight etc. which give you a lot of points and on top of that you can do them together with auto battles in the PvE content.

What is profitable in the 9-year coin shops?

Unlike last year's unlimited coin store, here you don't need to get out the calculator to find out what's profitable in the Summoners War 9-Year coin shops. You can follow the order in which the stores open, starting with the 100 of 9-Year Special Scrolls. Here is a little calculation with drop rates to convince you.

  • 200 of 9-Year Special Scrolls = 1 x 5 nat = 1800 9 year olds (not to mention the small mana bonus);
  • 15 scrolls legendary = 1 x 5 nat or 2,250 9 year olds.
9-Year Special Scrolls

All in all, you will need to save 3 465 of 9-year coin to buy all the items in the stores and the 100 specials scrolls + the coins for the runes (depending on your resets and runes). It takes a lot of farm hours so here is the order I recommend to spend your coins and be the most profitable even if you can't collect all the coins.

Premium shop and 9-Year Special Scrolls

Once you have collected the 100 special scrolls of Summoners War. I recommend that you trade in this order in the Premium Shop:

  1. 100 of 9-Year Special Scrolls: 900 pieces;
  2. 3 devilmon: 450 pieces;
  3. 3 legendary scrolls: 450 pieces;
  4. 3 Light and Darkness scrolls.

To get all the scrolls specials and all the items in the premium store, you will need to accumulate 2,250 9-year coin.

General Shop

Once the Premium Shop is empty, all that's left to do is loot the general 9 Years of Summoners War store. Here is the order I recommend for this store.

  1. 10 scrolls : 100 pieces;
  2. 1 Forbidden Evolution Scroll: 100 pieces;
  3. 1 Super Angelmon: 50 pieces;
  4. 2 Legendary Artifact: 80 coins;
  5. 1 Force of awakening : 50 pieces.

Now that you have spent 2,630 of 9-year coin, you can choose according to your personal goals. If you're wondering what a rune set fix is, go a little further down the article.

Runes shop

Here, no fixed number because it depends on your rune store but I advise you to refresh to have legendary runes and to buy the ones you like. Only the runes not bought will be refreshed randomly.

Rune Set Fix in Summoners War

Summoners War Rune Set Fix are available for 20 coins in the general store of the event. They are only active for 1 hour and are activated as soon as you buy them in the store.

summoners war rune set fix

In order not to waste time, I advise you to buy them 1 by 1 so you don't have to play for several hours in a row or waste the bonuses unnecessarily!

So there you have it, you know all about the Summoners War 9th Anniversary event, shops and 9-year coin. I hope this was helpful and good luck with all the summonses ahead! 🍀

Hakio Co-founder of JeuMobi and passionate about virtual worlds of all kinds. It seems that Try Hard is also part of his vocabulary.

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