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Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List of the best cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List of the best characters

Are you ready for a tasty Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list? On the menu, a ranking of the best characters in PvE and a top cookie for PvP. With this, you'll have enough to build an optimized and very powerful cookie team! Are you ready to find out which cookies are the best in the CRK game? We tell you all about it in this comprehensive guide.

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Concerning this top of the CRK characters

Before we introduce you to our CRK tier list itself, let us give you a few reminders. As Cookie Run Kingdom updates, many characters get upgrades or debuffs. Secondly, even cookies with a lower rank in this tier list can be useful in game for your CRK composition. Just use their skills wisely to synergize and perform devastating DPS and cc combos, for example. With those little reminders out of the way, let's get to the heart of the matter: the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List

Without further ado, here is the first CRK tier list of this top. Here we have ranked the Cookie Run: Kingdom characters according to their efficiency in the world exploration mode. Indeed, their power can vary in PvP mode.

Tier S+ cookies in PvE

Tier S+ cookies are the cream of the crop. They are powerful, effective and versatile. Eat them without moderation. Among the best CRK cookies in the game, these are excellent for getting through the tough stages of world exploration during the campaign. If you get stuck somewhere, try using them.

Name of the cookieTierTypePositionRarity
Sherbet CookieS+DistanceEnvironmentSuper Epic
Cotton CookieS+BackHeartEpic
Eclair CookieS+HeartEnvironmentEpic
Captain Caviar CookieS+BombardierEnvironmentEpic
Wildberry CookieS+DefenceBeforeEpic
Black Pearl CookieS+AmbushEnvironmentLegendary
CRK Tier List: The Powerful Cotton Cookie
Cotton Cookie is a powerful support

CRK Tier List : Tier S characters in PvE

Tier S cookies are about as powerful as Tier S+ characters. Their only weakness is the presence of minor incompatibilities with other cookies. They should be chosen carefully to complement your team composition, but they are still easy to use on the field and therefore rank very high in our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.

Name of the cookieTypePositionRarity
Pure Vanilla CookieCareBackOld
Moonlight CookieMagicEnvironmentLegendary
Hollyberry CookieDefenceBeforeOld
Werewolf CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Licorice CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Pumpkin Pie CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Dark Cacao CookieLoadBeforeOld
Espresso CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Carol CookieCareBackEpic
Milky Way CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Blueberry Pie CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Squid Ink CookieMagic EnvironmentEpic
Sea Fairy CookieBombardierEnvironmentLegendary
Financial CookieDefenceBeforeEpic
Crunchy Chip CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Pinecone CookieBombardierBeforeEpic
Cream Unicorn CookieCareBackEpic
Werewolf Cookie is a charge type
Werewolf Cookie is ideal at the front of a team

Tier A characters in PvE

These cookies are the sugar-free version of the higher third parties. In other words, they can replace their stronger counterparts, but won't be as satisfying. Wondering if BTS cookies are worth the upgrade? That's right, here they are positioned in our ranking of all CRK cookies by strength.

Name of the cookieTypePositionRarity
Vampire CookieAmbushBackEpic
Frost Queen CookieMagicEnvironmentLegendary
BTS Cookie (All)BTSBackSpecial
Macaroon CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Oyster CookieHeartBackSuper Epic
Pomegranate CookieHeartEnvironmentEpic
Rye CookieDistanceBackEpic
Clotted Cream CookieMagicEnvironmentSuper Epic
Affogato CookieBombardierEnvironmentEpic
Purple Yam CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Perfect CookieHeartBackEpic
Herb CookieCareBackEpic
Cream Puff CookieHeartBackEpic
Cookie Run Kingdom tier List: Vampire Cookie
Vampire Cookie can be an interesting alternative

Tier B cookies in PvE

Well, we come to this kind of cookies with such particular flavors that they can only appeal to fans of the genre or to neophytes. To put it more clearly, they can be effective in some specific cases or at the beginning of the game. For this reason, they have a lower rank than the others in our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.

Name of the cookieTypePositionRarity
Caramel Arrow CookieDistanceBeforeEpic
Shark Cookie SorbetAmbushEnvironmentEpic
Cherry Blossom CookieAmbushBackEpic
Red Velvet CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Strawberry Crepe CookieDefenceBeforeEpic
Moon Rabbit CookieDefenceBeforeEpic
Dark Choco CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Milk CookieDefenceBeforeEpic
Tiger Lily CookieDistanceBackEpic
Prophet CookieHeartBackEpic
Snow Sugar CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Twizzly Gummy CookieDistanceBackEpic
Black Raisin CookieAmbushEnvironmentEpic
Kumiho CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Cocoa CookieDefenceBeforeEpic
Sparkling CookieCareBackEpic
Caramel Arrow Cookie is a niche character in this ranking
Whenused properly, Caramel Arrow Cookie can be formidable

Arrived at tier C, we arrive on the cookies of bottom of drawer. A bit outdated, the novelties have got the better of them and they will have a hard time keeping up.

Name of the cookieTypePositionRarity
Mango CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Latte CookieMagicEnvironmentEpic
Poison Mushroom CookieBombardierEnvironmentEpic
Pastry CookieDistanceBackEpic
Princess CookieLoadBeforeRare
Tea Knight CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Raspberry CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Custard Cookie IIICareBackRare
Candy Diver CookieHeartBackEpic
Almond CookieHeartBackEpic
Blackberry CookieMagicBackRare
Mint Choco CookieHeartBackEpic
Mala Sauce CookieLoadBeforeEpic
Madeleine CookieDefenceBeforeEpic
Lilac CookieHeartEnvironmentEpic
Almond Cookie is a character from tier C
You can tell by the look on his face that Almond Cookie has already seen too much

Tier D cookies in PvE

Think twice before investing in these cookies. Do you really want those forgotten cakes in the cupboard that have started to go soft? No lie, they'll struggle to perform in game and you're likely to waste your time with them. Goodbye, avocado cookie, you were so unique... Honestly, if you only have it at the beginning of the game, you can still use it to tank for a while.

Name of the cookieTypePositionRarity
Cherry CookieBombardierBackRare
Adventurer CookieAmbushEnvironmentRare
Sonic CookieAmbushEnvironmentSpecial
Tails CookieAmbushEnvironmentSpecial
Knight CookieDefenceBeforeRare
Avocado CookieDefenceBeforeRare
Devil CookieMagicEnvironmentRare
Carrot CookieHeartEnvironmentRare
Wizard CookieMagicEnvironmentCommon
Ninja CookieAmbush EnvironmentCommon
Chili Pepper CookieAmbushEnvironmentEpic
Fig CookieHeartEnvironmentEpic
Pancake CookieAmbushBackRare
Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List - Avocado Cookie
A really unique perfume, maybe even a little too much...

Please look higher. So many tasty tier S cookies will satisfy you better. Don't touch these ones, we don't know where they've been... More seriously, these characters are very inefficient, you'll have a hard time progressing with them. Instead, choose better CRK characters from this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list PvE. I would advise you to avoid these cookies altogether to avoid wasting your resources.

Name of the cookieTypePositionRarity
Clover Cookie HeartBackRare
Beet CookieDistanceBackCommon
Alchemist CookieBombardierEnvironmentRare
Onion CookieHeartEnvironmentRare
Gumball CookieBombardierBackRare
Strawberry CookieDefenceBeforeCommon
Muscle CookieLoadBeforeCommon
Angel CookieCareBackCommon
GingerBrave is the icon of Cookie Run: Kingdom
Although iconic, GingerBrave is a bit of a laggard

CRK Tier List in PvP: Kingdom Arena

Now let's move on to Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list in PvP mode: the Kingdom Arena. Indeed, some characters will show their potential better in this mode. Conversely, others will be weaker. As we are sure you have memorized the previous table by heart, we will dispense with the details on each character this time. You can always refer to the information above the full CRK cookie rankings if you need to. 

S+Hollyberry Cookie / Pure Vanilla Cookie / Moonlight Cookie / Sherbet Cookie / Frost Queen Cookie / Black Pearl Cookie / BTS / Wild Berry Cookie / Blueberry Pie Cookie
SProphet Cookie / Werewolf Cookie / Crunchy Chip Cookie / Oyster Cookie / Vampire Cookie / Financier Cookie
ACream Puff Cookie / Snow Sugar Cookie / Pumpkin Pie Cookie / Pomegranate Cookie / Sea Fairy Cookie / Cotton Cookie / Schwarzwälder / Eclair Cookie / Sorbet Shark Cookie / Purple Yam Cookie / Clotted Cream Cookie / Caramel Arrow Cookie / Cream Unicorn Cookie / Herb Cookie / Milky Way Cookie / Dark Cacao Cookie / Squid Ink Cookie / Captain Caviar Cookie / Pinecone Cookie / Espresso Cookie / Carol Cookie
BMadeleine Cookie / Macaron Cookie / Strawberry Cookie / Licorice Cookie / Tea Knight Cookie / Parfait Cookie / Affogato Cookie / Rye Cookie
CMoon Rabbit Cookie / Black Raisin Cookie / Milk Cookie / Red Velvet Cookie / Cocoa Cookie / Latte Cookie / Candy Diver Cookie / Cherry Blossom Cookie / Dark Choco Cookie / Poison Mushroom Cookie
DKumiho Cookie / Almond Cookie / GingerBrave / Tiger Lily Cookie / Mint Choco Cookie / Lilac Cookie / Pastry Cookie
ERaspberry Cookie / Mala Sauce Cookie / Mango Cookie / Twizzly Gummy Cookie
FTails Cookie / Sonic Cookie / Sparkling Cookie / Chili Pepper Cookie / Fig Cookie
Sherbet Cookie CRK in the Tier List Cookie Run: Kingdom PvP
Sherbet Cookie is as effective in PvP as in PvE

Here we are finally at the end of this ranking of the Cookie Run: Kingdom characters in a tier list. It must be said that with more than 60 cookies, the menu is copious! We hope that these few tips will have helped you to compose your team as well as possible. Don't hesitate to come back to this tier list from time to time as the game is updated to find the best CRK cookies in PvE and PvP. Indeed, the game is constantly evolving and so is its roster and this tier list . You can follow the evolution of the power of cookies via the official Twitter account of the game.

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