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Snapdragon Cookie toppings: Build, Beascuits and best teams in 2024

Snapdragon Cookie toppings

Behind her baby dragon appearance and big, curious eyes, Snapdragon Cookie is a highly competent support character in Cookie Run Kingdom. In particular, she's able to heal all her allies with her Arcane Blossom skill, as well as giving them several buffs during combat. But to build her properly, we'll need to go through her skill in order to select the best toppings and Beascuits for her. We'll also be looking at team composition, where she can provide effective support, and the content in which she excels.

When she activates her Arcane Blossom skill, Snapdragon Cookie releases flowers that restore 22.9% of all allies' health for 7 seconds, allowing your team to quickly recover health in battle. She also gives them a shield that absorbs damage equivalent to 13.5 of their maximum HP for 5 seconds, boosting your team's durability in the face of enemy assaults.

In addition to this healing, it will also boost the attacking and defensive abilities of your entire team by granting a buff that increases the ATQ of all allies by 7% and damage resistance by 15% for 10 seconds. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of suffering an inflicting Stun by 65% and increases Resistance to interrupting effects by 35%, protecting the team from possible interruptions.

But there's another surprise in store for this skill, as it grants an additional bonus to all Dragon Cookies that are part of it: their maximum HP increases by 15%.

The best toppings for the Snapdragon Cookie build in Cookie Run Kingdom are undoubtedly a full set of Swift Chocolate Nuggets. Indeed, it's imperative to reduce the recharge time of her ability, which is 17 seconds, so that she can use her powerful healing as much as possible.


Toppings Preferred stats

Swift Chocolate topping

X5 Swift Chocolate Chips

Prio :

- CD%

- PV

Secondary :



- RES with harmful effects

Best Beascuits to equip for her

If you're having trouble deciding which Beascuit to equip for Snapdragon Cookie, we'd advise you to choose one that will enhance her beneficial effects. This will increase the amount of healing and buffs she can give her team-mates in future battles. As far as secondary stats are concerned, we strongly recommend that you focus on HP Shield to increase the effectiveness of her shield and her CRIT.


Snapdragon Cookie is a field support class, so you'll need a DPS team capable of inflicting massive damage. The best choices for this include Cookie Dragon Fruit and Cookie Hollyberry Cookie, who are known for destroying enemies with their powerful attacks. In addition, White Lily Cookie can boost damage with its Lily Bud skill. To add an extra layer of healing, you can count on Pure Vanilla Cookie, who increases the beneficial effects for the whole team, in addition to her healing abilities.

Cookies Toppings Alternatives

hollyberry_ cookie

Hollyberry Cookie

Almond Set

Cookie Tank :

- Financier Cookie

- Icicle Yeti Cookie

- Fettuccine Cookie

- Elder Faerie Cookie

Pitaya dragon_cookie

Cookie Dragon Fruit

Raspberry Set

Cookie Assault :

- Cookie Stormbringer Cookie

- Cookie Capsaicin

- Burnt Cheese Cookie

- Mercurial knight Cookie

White Lily Cookie

White Lily Cookie

Raspberry Set

Cookie DPS :

- Prune Juice Cookie

- Moonlight Cookie

- Sherbet Cookie

- Crème brûlée Cookie


Pure Vanilla Cookie

Swift Chocolate Set

Cookie Healer/Soutien :

- Cream Puff Cookie

- Parfait Cookie

- Silverbell Cookie

Snap dragon_cookie

Snapdragon Cookie

Swift Chocolate Set

Cookie Healer/ Support :

For treasures to use, we recommend the following:

  • Dream Conductor's Whistle (CRIT, DMG Resist, ATQ)
  • Sleepyhead's Jelly Watch (CD and ATQ)
  • Librarian's Enchanted Robes (VIT ATQ)

As a support character, Snapdragon Cookie fits perfectly into a multitude of team compositions. Her skill is an invaluable asset, enabling her to provide essential buffs and healing to all the members of your team. These will prove all the more useful in your PvP battles as well as in PvE content.

That's it for our guide to Snapdragon Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Thanks to our tips, you'll now know which build to choose with the best toppings and Beascuits. And if you want to reign supreme in the arena, don't hesitate to check out our CRK tier list and our Cookie Run Kingdom Tips and Tricks section.

Sopy_Jo An intrepid explorer of mobile games, I travel through different universes, searching for my next great adventure. These days, it's Cookie Run: Kingdom and Summoners War that occupy a good part of my days.
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