Tier List Higan : Eruthyll : the best champions

Tier List Higan Eruthyll of the best characters

You've just started Higan: Eruthyll but you don't know which champions to place in the combat zones? We've compiled a list of characters that we think are the most useful in the game. This list is not definitive, and is not an absolute truth. We have taken into account the skills of each champion to compile this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll according to each character's class. We'll give you tips and advice on how to win your fights.

Tier List Higan : Eruthyll : Guardians ranking

Guardians are excellent tanks in Higan: Eruthyll. They are especially useful in front lane. Guardians have more endurance in battle. In addition, if you have a Guardian on your team, all allied champions will have their damage dealt to them reduced by 5%. Check out our Tier List Higan : Eruthyll dedicated to Guardians.

Tier List Higan: Eruthyll guards
Gyldan, Ceaser, Kear and Armand, the guardians of this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Hero's nameRoleForces in combatRarityTier
GyldanTankVery good throughout the gameSRHS
CeaserTankGood in PvPSRHS
KearTankGood tank, average in PvPSRC
ArmandTankReturns HP after receiving damage, avoid in PvPSRD

Tier List Higan: Eruthyll: Hoplite ranking

Heroes of melee combat, Hoplites can inflict more damage in battle. Attacks and ultimates can be used to control enemy attacks or protect allies in battle. In addition, if you place a Hoplite on the battlefield, all allies deal 5% more physical damage.

Hoplites Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Sirslet, Eupheria, Basell, Eiserne, Hathor, Ume, Mommel, the Hoplites of this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Hero's nameRoleForces in combatRarityTier
SirsletDPRExcellent in PvPSRHS
EupheriaTankBest in Early Game / average in PvPSRA
BasellTankEnemy control / excellent in PvPSRHB
EiserneTankSacrifices his HP to inflict more damageRC
HathorDPSHigh damage against a targeted enemy / average in PvPSRD
UmeTankDamage reduction / to be avoided in PvPRD
MommelTankOffers a shield to his allies at the beginning of the fight / to be avoided in PvPRD

Tier List Higan: Eruthyll: Assassins' ranking

To date, there are quite a few Assassins in the Tier List Higan : Eruthyll. However, this list will undoubtedly grow and evolve over time. Assassins are known for their ability to inflict maximum damage in a short period of time (Burst Damage). If you place an Assassin in your formation, he will deal 40% more damage to all enemies with less than 20% of their HP.

Assassins Tier List Higan: Eruthyll
Eluya and Kueen, the Assassins of this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Hero's nameRoleForces in combatRarityTier
EluyaDPSTargets an enemy and inflicts powerful damageSRHS
KueenDPSInflicts damage to multiple targets at onceSRC

Tier List Higan: Eruthyll: Rangers' ranking

Rangers are heroes that deal damage from a distance. Some champions allow you to gain the upper hand in combat with the help of other classes. If you choose to place a Ranger in your battle formation, it will deal 10% more damage if there are no enemies within 2 meters of it. Check them out in this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll, and advance the best!

Rangers Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Moetesju, Rita, Fene, Black, Mireya, the Rangers of this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Hero's nameRoleForces in combatRarityTier
MoetesjuSub-DPSExcellent in PvPSRHS
RitaSub-DPSExcellent in PvPSRHB
FeneDPSGood in Early Game / Very good in PvPSRHB
BlackDPSAoE power / Good in Early Game and PvPSRC
MireyaDPSPower AoE RD

Tier List Higan: Eruthyll: Casters' ranking

Casters cast powerful attack spells in battle. They are capable of inflicting massive damage on the enemies in the formation to be fought. They can also deal massive area damage, allowing them to hit multiple enemies at once. If you place one of the champions from the list below in your formation, the energy of your allies will regenerate faster (5% faster than without Caster). Here are the champions of this class from our Tier List Higan : Eruthyll.

Casters Tier List Higan: Eruthyll
Media, Ciamkom, Kloar, Follett, Isa, Alore, the Casters of this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Hero's nameRoleForces in combatRarityTier
MediaDPSExcellent in early game / Good asset in PvPSRHS
CiamkomDPSAvoid in early game / very powerful in late gameSRHA
KloarDPSPowerful in the first levels of the game / to avoid in late gameRB
FollettDPSVery good in early gameSRB
IsaDPSExcellent in PvPRC
AloreDPSInflicts damage to random enemiesRD

Tier List Higan : Eruthyll : Adiutrix ranking

Adiutrixes play an essential role during fights, since they have the ability to buff allies, i.e. to increase their stats temporarily... And to debuff enemies, by decreasing their attack, their defense for example. Adiutrixes can also heal allies in battle, which allows you to attack longer, and therefore, to win battles more easily. If you place an Adiutrix in formation, it will allow your allies to heal 15% more.

Best Higan Eruthyll characters of the Adiutrix class
Liv, Asa, Rooco, Nuno, Screamer, Codier, Cella, the Adiutrixes of this Tier List Higan : Eruthyll
Hero's nameRoleForces in combatRarityTier
LivHealer Heals and inflicts damage / excellent in PvPSRHS
AsaHealerGood support in the first levels / good in PvPRS in early game / C in late game
RoocoHealerGood healer / not recommended for PvPSRS in early game / B in late game
NunoHealerThrows a shield on allies / medium in PvPSRHA
ScreamerHealerExcellent in PvPSRA in early game / S in late game
CodierHealerGood healing power / not recommended for PvPRC
CellaHealerGrants a physical shield to allies / not recommended in PvPRD

Be sure to also check out Higan: Eruthyll's codes to get rewards - and new champions from this list!

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