Coin Tales daily free spins links in 2024

Coin Tales Free spins links

Are you a fan of games like Coin Master or Bingo Blitz? If so, you're in for a treat with Coin Tales, an incredibly addictive game that offers plenty of opportunities to build new villages. With just a handful of Coin Tales free spins, you'll quickly overtake other players and propel yourself to greater heights. In this article, we'll help you reach that goal even faster! Read on for links to free spins giveaways.

Coin Tales free spins: how to get them?

In Coin Tales, you'll instantly get hooked as you dive into the addictive journey of building villages one after another. To do that, you'll need to invest spins on the wheel, as they're crucial for gathering valuable resources essential for your progression.

how to get Coin Tales free spins

The moment your Coin Tales free spins run out, your progress will pause until you regain them. Fortunately, the game provides players with plenty of opportunities. By seizing these chances, you'll never find yourself running out of spins.

List of all Coin Tales free spins in May 2024

The thrill of obtaining Coin Tales free spins is simply unmatched. Gift links are just one of the ways to score them. Make sure you claim free spins from gift links - and what's better? They're up for grabs every single day! Check out this list of free spins in Coin Tales daily.

Date Reward links
27 May 2024 Collect
26 May 2024 Collect
25 May 2024 Collect
24th May 2024 Collect
23rd May 2024 Collect
22 May 2024 Collect
21st May 2024 Collect
19th May 2024 Collect
18th May 2024 Collect
17th May 2024 Collect
16 May 2024 Collect
15th May 2024 Collect
14th May 2024 Collect
13th May 2024 Collect
12th May 2024 Collect
11th May 2024 Collect
10th May 2024 Collect
09 may 2024 Collect
07 May 2024 Collect
05 May 2024 Collect
04 May 2024 Collect
03 May 2024 Collect
02 may 2024 Collect
01 May 2024 Collect
30th April 2024 Collect
29th April 2024 Collect
28 April 2024 Collect
27th April 2024 Collect
26 April 2024 Collect
25th April 2024 Collect
24th April 2024 Collect
23 April 2024 Collect
22 April 2024 Collect
21st April 2024 Collect
20th April 2024 Collect
19 April 2024 Collect
18 April 2024 Collect
17th April 2024 Collect

Make sure to bookmark ⭐️ this article and revisit it daily for free spin links. These links expire soon and must be claimed within 2-3 days.

How to collect free spins in Coin Tales?

The good news is that you won't have to go above and beyond to claim Coin Tales free spins. It is an overall quick and seamless process that does not take much of your time. Simply start by clicking on "Collect" mentioned in our table above. You'll be redirected to the game and receive the spins ready for the spin wheel. 

If you fail to obtain any spin from the links, it's because the link is either expired or your internet connection is slow. Keep these two things into consideration while trying to receive Coin Tales free spins links. 

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Other methods to collect Coin Tales free spins

As I said earlier, there are various methods to collect free spins daily and gift links are just one of them. If you're looking for other ways to collect Coin Tales free spins, then I've got you.

other methods of obtaining free spins

  • Follow Coin Tales on social media platforms: Coin Tales developers release new gift links on a daily basis through Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you stay updated with each post they upload. 
  • Invite your friends to the game: Inviting friends to Coin Tales is another method of earning rewards - including free spins. Though this is a slower process, it's still a great way to collect the essential spins. 
  • Complete card sets: There are multiple card sets in Coin Tales. You must complete these sets in order to earn a huge spins reward. You can gain 1000+ spins through this method if you're consistent with collecting cards. 

Coin Tales is an arcade game solely depending on a single resource - spins. You must keep the number of spins high to save yourself from completely running out of them. If you've thoroughly gone through this Coin Tales free spins article, you won't have that problem again. If any link I've provided doesn't work, let me know in the comments, Good Luck, gamers! 

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FAQ - Coin Tales free spins

Are Coin Tales links safe to use?

Any link directly from the developers of Coin Tales is legitimate and 100% safe. The links mentioned in this article are reliable because they come from Coin Tales itself. However, if you find a third-party application offering huge amounts of free spins, you should avoid the link as it is most likely a fraud/scam.

Do Coin Tales free spins links expire?

Yes, each free spins link is temporarily available and expires after 2-3 days. You need to claim it in advance. The good news is that you get a new link EVERY DAY, so you don't have to worry about links that have already expired.

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