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Blox Fruits: the Roblox game inspired by One Piece

Blox Fruits Roblox

Blox Fruits is a game on the Roblox platform that has won over many players. And with good reason: it is largely inspired by One Piece, a famous manga. When you play, you can start as either a Pirate or a Marine. However, you can change roles each time you start the game without starting from scratch! That's great news! Your aim is to progress through the different seas, explore all the islands and, above all, collect all the fruits.

What is Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is a real ode to travel, giving you the chance to sail the waves to unknown lands. During your epic journey, you'll come up against increasingly powerful mobs and take on players from the opposing team... But above all, collect fruits during your experience. They'll give you valuable bonuses to help you progress faster and gain useful advantages in PvP. Don't hesitate to check out all our tips on the subject!

Exploring the Blox Fruits islands

If you haven't started your experiment yet, don't hesitate to create an account on Roblox to play. It's free, and if you like the One Piece universe, you'll definitely enjoy this game. We also recommend that you read our article on the Blox Fruits Map, which explains how to get to all the islands in the game!

What are the rarity levels of the Blox Fruits?

During your adventure, you'll discover and collect resources such as coins and fruits. They offer you advantages during certain actions or periods. In particular, they allow you to inflict damage in the same way as fighting styles, firearms or swords. Let's take a look at the fruits available in Blox Fruits and what they do!

There are currently 38 fruits available on Blox Fruits. They are divided into 5 rarity categories. The higher the rarity, the more powerful the fruit's advantage. To discover the best fruits, such as the Blox Fruits Dough, we invite you to take a look at our Blox Fruits Tier List. But first, let's take a look at the different degrees of rarity of the fruits on Blox Fruits.

Common fruits

These are the cheapest Blox Fruits and the most likely to appear during your adventure. They are less effective than higher-ranked fruits. They are an excellent way of discovering how they work. All in all, they're a good starting point for effective play!

Blox Fruits common list

Unusual fruits

These different fruits are renowned for their low price. A little more important than common fruits in terms of effectiveness, they are not the most powerful.

List of unusual fruits Blox Fruits

Rare fruits

These are fruits with a medium market value. Their power is moderate and, once again, they are not the most effective or the most powerful.

Rare fruits Blox Fruits

Legendary fruits

These are expensive fruits. However, they are far more powerful than the previous fruits and have the advantage of being very versatile. They will be of great use to you.

List of legendary Blox Fruits

Mythical fruits

These are, of course, the most expensive fruits with the lowest drop rate. Incredibly powerful, they'll be your best allies as you progress through the game.

Mythical fruits blox fruits list

All fruits have a market value. The most common Blox Fruits are worth $30,000 (game currency) or 50 Robux, while the most expensive, such as Kitsune, are worth $8,000,000 or 4,000 Robux. But there are other ways of obtaining them at random.

What are the different types of Blox Fruits?

There are several types of fruit, so you'll know in just a few seconds what they do, and more specifically what kind of benefits they bring you. We've already covered the different degrees of rarity, but the types are something else again. Let's take a look together!

Natural-type fruits

These fruits don't really have an advantage of their own. Fruits in the 'Natural' class can therefore give you variable bonuses depending on the fruit in question. The Dough fruit (considered to be the best fruit in the game), for example, will give you immunity from other players and creatures, as well as AoE attacks against enemies.

Other Natural-type fruits: Soul, Venom, Love, Control, Rubber, Shadow, etc.

Blox Fruits Natural

Beast fruits

With these fruits, you can become an animal and fight your enemies with greater ease! Each fruit is named after an animal, a key indicator of the transformation to come. With each animal, your character's stats will change dramatically! For example, become a Dragon with the fruit of the same name. It's very effective in PvP thanks to its AoE damage, and particularly effective against fruits like Dough.

Other Beast fruits: Leopard, Buddha, Phoenix, Falcon.

Beast Fruits

Elemental fruits

Elemental fruits allow you to use the properties of the elements they represent. Another advantage common to all the fruits in this category is that if an enemy of a much lower level than yours attacks you, none of their normal attacks will inflict any damage. For example, Blizzard has excellent PvP potential thanks to its stun and zone damage capabilities. This fruit is particularly versatile and very effective when you know how to use it...

Other Elemental fruits: Dark, Magma, Light, Rumble, Sand, Ice, Flame, Smoke.

Blox Fruits Elemental

How do you get the different fruits in your game?

  • If you do the most damage during a Raid on the Factory (located on the Kingdom of Roses island in the Second Sea).

  • If you valiantly defend the island of Castle on the Sea (Third Sea) against the Pirates by successfully battling all the enemies.

  • Some Blox Fruits appear randomly on the map at regular intervals (one every hour on weekdays, one every 45 minutes at weekends).

  • Buy fruit directly from a merchant (beware, some will require a minimum level to be able to buy them!) There is also a Gacha system with certain vendors. The higher your level, the more expensive the print run.

  • They can also be purchased permanently in the in-game shop or from merchants. Unlike other items, you'll never lose them once they've been used.

  • As a gift from another player.

  • During temporary special events.

Illustration Dough Blox fruits

Blox Fruits scripts: dream programme or danger for your account?

For some players, resource farming is a tedious and time-consuming task. To avoid this, they choose to use Blox Fruits mobile scripts. This makes it possible to auto-farm Blox Fruit, i.e. to hunt without clicking a single button. There is a plethora of programmes on the internet that you can use to obtain the rarest fruits more easily, such as Kitsune .

However, on Blox Fruit Wikipedia, using a Blox Fruits script is risky, because it can cause a lot of glitches if it's badly coded. As a result, you could find yourself stuck behind a wall or outside the map and unable to move forward. Worse still, it can also corrupt your Strength, forcing you to start from scratch (deleting all your purchased Blox Fruits, your level, your resources, etc.).

You don't want that, do you?

So be very careful before using a script. We don't recommend it, as we think it spoils the game experience. Confronting creatures and players and taking part in raids yourself gives you better control over your attacks and weapons. That's the whole point of the game!

Magma Blox Fruits collection script

Are there any Blox Fruits codes for extra rewards?

As with many mobile games, there are Blox Fruit codes that allow you to obtain bonuses when you enter them. Unfortunately, there's no fruit involved, but there are some great benefits that will help you get the most out of your farm sessions! Experience multiplier for a set period of time, the ability to reset your stats to better distribute the points you've accumulated according to your playing style... There are new codes all the time, so don't hesitate to look out for new valid codes!

We've gone to the heart of Blox Fruits. Don't hesitate to let us know what your favourite Fruit is, or if you have any tips for farming without going through the script box!

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