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Age of Empires Mobile lineups: the best comps

Age of Empires Mobile lineups

Getting started with Age of Empires Mobile is no easy task. If you're not at all familiar with the licence or are new to strategy games, you're likely to encounter a few difficulties as you progress. And with good reason: one of the main mechanics of the game lies in the confrontations. To win, you first need to get your teams right. So why not take advantage of our Age of Empires Mobile lineups ideas?

The best Age of Empires Mobile lineups

Here are the best Age of Empires Mobile lineups. These lineups are based on our own experience, which means you can modify and adapt them to suit your needs and the characters you've unlocked.

In this table, you'll find a selection of Age of Empires Mobile lineups as well as a few explanations about each lineup.


Recommended lineups Who's it for?

Josephine Icon Hammurabi icon King David icon

Josephine - Hammurabi - King David

Here, Josephine is the main hero of this lineup, which is ideal for beginner players. All three heroes are relatively strong and can be unlocked fairly easily.

King Arthur icon Musashi Icon Constantin Icon

King Arthur - Miyamoto Musashi - Constantine I

This is a very powerful lineup. King Arthur's skills, combined with those of Constantine, can inflict heavy damage.

Sun Tzu icon Icone Philippe Theodora icon

Sun Tzu - Philip IV - Theodora

This lineup is mainly geared towards strategic damage. With this compo, you'll be able to inflict very heavy strategic damage.

Musashi Icon King David icon Hammurabi icon

Miyamoto Musashi - King David - Hammurabi

In this AoE Mobile compo, the main source of damage is based on the active skills of the swordsman units. With this line-up, King David and Hammurabi really complement each other.

Josephine Icon King David icon Hammurabi icon

Josephine - King David - Hammurabi

Thanks to the siege skills in this lineup, you'll be able to inflict powerful damage on cities.

Icone Hua Josephine Icon Icone Rani

Hua Mulan - Josephine - Rani Durgavati

A very interesting lineup that lets you choose secondary strike skills as customisable skills to maximise damage.

Soliman icon Queen Seondeok icon Theodora icon

Soliman I - Queen Seondeok - Theodora

In this lineup, your troops are made up of archers who continually inflict debuffs on opponents.

Leonidas icon Joan of Arc icon Barbarossa Icon

Leonidas I - Joan of Arc - Frederick Barbarossa

This lineup is perfect for battles with lots of enemies. The heroes in this compo have the ability to counter-attack. So the more enemies there are, the more opportunities there are for counter-attacks.

Julius Caesar icon Augustus Icon Queen of Sheba icon

Julius Caesar - Augustus - Queen of Sheba

In this lineup, your troops are made up of pikemen whose main source of damage is turn-based skills and recovery.

Guan Icon Harald Icon Icone Rani

Guan Yu - Harald III - Rani Durgavati

This line-up is perfect for those who want to inflict a lot of damage. In fact, these heroes have a high critical hit rate, which means they can do a lot of damage with normal attacks and skills.

King Arthur icon Harald Icon Icon Attila

King Arthur - Harald III - Attila

In this compo, King Arthur is the main hero. His damage and combat effectiveness are optimised by the cavalry units that make up your troops.

Cid Icon Icone Khalid Queen of Sheba icon

Cid - Khalid - Queen of Sheba

Cid has some very interesting skills. He can slow down enemies and is capable of inflicting extra damage on slowed opponents. He's the ideal squad for skirmishes.

Hannibal icon Justinian icon Icon Attila

Hannibal - Justinian I - Attila

A fairly balanced line-up. Your troops are made up of cavalry units that inflict hybrid damage (power and strategy). What's more, the cavalry can also weaken the opposing commander.

Darius Icon Cleopatra icon Yi Icon

Darius I - Cleopatra VII - Yi Sun-Shin

This lineup is geared towards gathering resources. If you customise your collection skills, the speed of collection will be improved. The various heroes in this compo are fairly easy to obtain.

How do I create Age of Empires Mobile lineups?

To create good Age of Empires Mobile lineups, it's essential to take advantage of everything the game has to offer. But to do that, you need to understand a few things that are very important to the success of all your battles. Age of Empires Mobile can be a very demanding title. That's why you really need to understand certain aspects of the game. Discover all our tips to help you create lineups on AoEMobile.

All for one and one for all!

When you embark on a battle in Age of Empires Mobile, you must form a team of three heroes. Check out our AoE Mobile tier list to find out more! Generally speaking, each team is made up of a commander, a character specialising in power boosts and a support character. The commander is the hero with the best offensive capabilities and the most damage output.

For your Age of Empires Mobile lineups, you're free to put together your teams as you see fit. The problem is that if all your heroes are offensive, you'll do a lot of damage, but you won't last long. You'll need support to make you more resilient. Don't hesitate to consult our Age of Empires Mobile beginner's guide if you want to get some tips on how to better understand the mechanics of the game.

Age of Empires Mobile lineups

Age of Empires Mobile lineups: strength in numbers

In Age of Empires Mobile, each hero has what is known as a military speciality. In the game, there are 3 specialities: warrior, tactician and marshal. You may not be aware of it, but when building your teams, including several heroes with the same speciality can give you a very interesting bonus:

  • Two heroes with the same speciality = a 20% improvement bonus to all your attributes
  • Three heroes with the same speciality = a 30% improvement bonus on all your attributes.

Do you understand how important this is? When composing your teams based on our Age of Empires Mobile lineups, remember to check the military speciality of each character. To complete your knowledge of the game, you can also consult our guide to AoEM civilisations.

Take advantage of your opponents' weaknesses in AoEM

Exploiting your opponents' weaknesses is essential in AoE Mobile, as it is in many other games. In this strategy game, you'll find four types of unit: archers, pikemen, swordsmen and cavalry. Depending on which units are facing you, you will be in a position of strength or weakness. To give you a better understanding of Age of Empires Mobile lineups, here are the details:

  • Swordsmen are more effective against pikemen
  • Pikemen are more effective against cavalry
  • Cavalry are more effective against archers
  • Archers are more effective against swordsmen

But there are even more advantages to be gained, because if your teams are made up of several units of the same type, you will receive a bonus:

  • One hero of the same type = 5% bonus
  • Two heroes of the same type = 10% bonus
  • Three heroes of the same type = 15% bonus

Thanks to our Age of Empires Mobile lineups, you'll finally be able to build your teams efficiently and progress in the game. And if you need an extra boost, check out our list of free Age of Empires Mobile codes to unlock loads of rewards!

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