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Which Age of Empires Mobile civilisation to choose?

Age of Empires mobile civilisation

Aren't you afraid of building your empire and engaging in large-scale battles? Then immerse yourself in Age of Empires mobile! Take on all your opponents by fighting alongside some of history's greatest heroes (King Arthur, Cleopatra, Leonidas I...) and grow your empire in this highly immersive strategy game. But before you embark on this great adventure, you need to know which Age of Empires mobile civilisation to choose. Check out our advice to help you make the right choice.

Age of Empires mobile civilisation: our comparison

In Age of Empires mobile, when you launch your first game, you can choose your favourite civilisation. If you're a fan of the licence, you'll be in familiar territory. For novices, however, it's perhaps less obvious.

In this new iteration on mobile, you can choose between 4 civilisations. But which Age of Empires mobile civilisation should you choose? Here are their descriptions:

AoE Mobile civilisation comparison chart

In this comparison table, you'll find the main units specific to each Age of Empires Mobile civilisation, along with their characteristics. This will make it easier for you to make your choice. You might also like to take a look at our AoE Mobile beginner's guide.

Civilisation Main unit Features

French civilisation icon


Axe-throwing units

Increased defence and training speed for soldiers

Food production speed increased by 5

Byzantine civilisation icon



Gold production increased by 5

Cavalry defence and training speed increased by 2

Roman civilisation icon


Spear infantry units

Lancer defence and training speed increased by 2

Production speed increased by 5

Chinese civilisation icon


Archer units

Archers defence and training speed increased by 2

Wood production speed increased by 5

French civilisation

French units specialise in axe throwing, but are also excellent swordsmen. These units are rather offensive and aggressive.

Do you like being at the heart of the action and always on the front line? Then this is the civilisation for you.

Age of Empires mobile civilisation : the French

France's architecture is inspired by the Renaissance and the Gothic style. Big, beautiful castles symbolise this Age of Empires mobile civilisation. To find out who the game's best heroes are, check out our AoE Mobile tier list.

Byzantine civilisation

The cataphracts of the Byzantine civilisation, on their horses, are powerful and fearsome units thanks to the long range of their weapons.

If you like hand-to-hand combat but still want to be cautious, then choose the Byzantine civilisation.

Age of Empires mobile Byzantine civilisation

The Byzantine spirit is reflected in the beauty of the architecture, which combines Western and Eastern elements. The buildings are crowned by rounded domed roofs.

Roman civilisation

Roman units are made up of spearmen capable of creating strategic formations that are difficult to breach.

If you're a fine strategist who likes to anticipate everything, opt for the Roman civilisation.

Age of Empires Roman mobile civilisation

Roman architecture is quite distinctive, with symmetrical structures. Buildings have large, thick walls with domed roofs. Imposing towers and pillars, as well as numerous arches, are all part of this sublime architecture.

Chinese civilisation

Chinese archers are particularly skilful. Their crossbows allow them to shoot very quickly.

Are you cautious and cunning ? Take up long-distance combat thanks to Chinese civilisation.

Age of Empires Chinese mobile civilisation

The Chinese architectural style is easily recognisable, with its pretty shades of red and uniquely shaped structures. Numerous eaves sit proudly on each building, supported by dougong supports.

The importance of choosing the right Age of Empires mobile civilisation

As explained above, each mobile Age of Empires civilisation has a main unit and very specific characteristics. So if you want to feel at ease in the game and understand the mechanics, it's best to choose your civilisation according to the way you play. And to get the most out of the game, don't forget to check out our Age of Empires mobile codes!

The French civilisation favours hand-to-hand combat, while the Chinese units are much better suited to ranged combat. So take the time to choose your starting civilisation carefully.

Now you know exactly which Age of Empires mobile civilisation to choose. All that's left is to discover our AoE Mobile tips and tricks section.

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Christelle B. A writer with a passion for video games and manga. When I'm not playing, I'm in the middle of writing a novel.
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