Recap #157: What's new this week in mobile gaming?

Summary of mobile games releases and pre-registrations

In this week's recap (No. 157), we take a look at the week's must-have mobile games releases, mobile news and pre-registrations/test phases you won't want to miss.

Settle in, as we do every Sunday to bring you the week's mobile games news! On the agenda: Assassin's Creed Mirage comes to iOS, early access for Powerdise, the release of the excellent Loop Hero and a whole host of other news.

Mobile games releases and announcements this week

This week has been rich in release announcements, with many games now available on the stores:

  • Global release of Star Wars: Hunters: this 4v4 Overwatch-like game set in deep space has been available in France and certain other countries as a soft launch for some time now, but it will now be available to the international gaming community on Play Store and App Store.
  • Release of Super Dragon Punch Force 3: this is a versus fighting game created as a reference to the original video game featured in Sam Raimi's brand new film: Boy Kills World, and is available in F2P on Play Store and App Store.
  • Release of All of You on iOS: this puzzle game is a great chicken adventure in which you control the time of each section of the screen and it costs 4 euros on theApp Store.
  • Release of Loop Hero: this roguelike RPG published by Playdigious will have you collecting cards, modifying the loop and battling bosses all the way to the Lich for 6 euros on Play Store and App Store.

Meanwhile, MWT: Tank Battles is gearing up for release in 2024, The Last Game and platformer Yolky Unbound (iOS) are coming to market, while Dumb Ways to Survive is making its way into the Netflix subscription andAssassin's Creed Mirage is scheduled for release on iOS devices with an M1 chip or higher on 6 June.

Pre-registrations, updates and test phases

In addition to the recent releases, we've got more test announcements and pre-registrations in stock this week.

  • Pre-registration for Ash of God's: Redemption: Discover a choose-your-own-adventure story with tactical turn-based combat and stunning artwork by pre-registering on the Google Play Store.
  • Powerdise regional early access in Singapore: heavily inspired by Fortnite, this competitive objective capture and construction game from NetEase is coming to Singaporean players.
  • Earn to Die Rogue pre-registration: You drive a car that runs over zombies. You can upgrade your car to survive the various levels and blood-hungry creatures as soon as the game is released, by pre-registering on Play Store or App Store.

Meanwhile, Fortnite and Star Wars have announced their collaboration for May the 4th be with you. And the fighting game Versus is entering early access in India, while Honkai: Star Rail is preparing its 2.2 update, scheduled for 8 May.

Other WTF news and events from the mobile games industry

The mobile gaming industry has more news in store for you this week:

  • Fallout Shelter boosts revenues tenfold: with the release of the series, the hype is back for all the games in the licence, and the mobile version of Fallout is no exception.
  • No Blizzcon 2024: E3 bid us a final farewell and most IRL events never really recovered from the covid period. Blizzcon is set to return for another edition in 2025 but, as a replacement, upcoming Blizzard games will be "presented in a different way for the next few months" and there will be IRL events for Warcraft's 30th birthday.
  • Priest heats up the CB: Father Lawrence Kozak, a Catholic priest in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, reportedly spent nearly $40,000 from his parish on Candy Crush, Mario Kart Tour and other mobile games in addition to buying gifts for his goddaughter between 2019 and 2022. He has started to pay back and is trying to cure his addiction.

See you next week for a recap of mobile games news!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.
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