Solo Leveling Arise release date, the Olympics game and Dragon Pow: this week's mobile games recap

Solo Leveling Arise release date and Auroria mobile Palworld announcement

In this week's recap, issue 155, we talk about the release date of Solo Leveling: Arise, the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta, the release of Persona 5 The Phantom X in China and lots of other mobile games news. Find out as much Android and iOS gaming news as you can in a single summary every week.

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The famous open-world MMORPG is back in force with the opening of a new Europe server, where all players start from scratch on 29 April. In the fantastic world of Albion, you are what you wear. Forget linear progression, Gear Switch lets you change your combat style in the blink of an eye to play the way you want.

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Whatever your style, the game has plenty of PvE content as well as PvP, with solo and group dungeons. It even goes as far as large-scale battles with your guild for that MMO feel we all love.

The Albion Online experience is totally cross-platform, and there's a good reason why it's been top of our top mobile MMORPGs for years, so we can't wait to recommend it to you.

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Mobile games releases and announcements of the week: Solo Leveling, Dragon Pow and Olympics GO!

Things heat up in April and May with more game releases and announcements for Spring.

Solo Leveling Arise release date

  • Solo Leveling confirmed for May 8: Fans of the epic webtoon can finally mark their calendars, as Solo Leveling arrives on mobile on May 8. This action-RPG promises intense combat and graphics faithful to the original, offering players the chance to immerse themselves in a world of dungeons and challenges on Android and iOS.
  • Release of Dark and Light Mobile: Combining combat, exploration, crafting and construction, this sandbox title promises hours of solo or cooperative adventure in a fantastic universe, available on Android and iOS.
  • Release of Dragon Pow : End your week with Dragon Pow, a crazy bullet hell available on Android and iOS. Battle hordes of enemies while admiring waifus and dragons in this fast-paced game.
  • Soft launch of Persona 5 The Phantom X in China: Persona fans can finally immerse themselves in the world of the famous RPG on mobile in China. Play as a student with a double game in this game full of mysteries and Personas.

There's also the soft launch of the RPG Light of Stars on 18 April (Canada, Korea, etc.), the release of Athenian Rhapsody on 14 May, and The Enchanted World hitting stores on 7 May.

NWay's new casual game Olympics GO! for the Paris 2024 Olympics hits stores on 11 June. Early access titles include the RPG Lost Guardians of Alicia and Clash Island Save the Dwarves, a mobile clone of Bad North.

Tencent is riding the wave of Palworld-inspired games with Auroria, offering players an open-world survival experience with a fantasy twist. But that's not all, we've got more test and pre-registration announcements in stock this week.

Auroria, Tencent's mobile palworld

  • Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta: The testing phase scheduled for 25 April has been pushed back to 2 May, offering players the chance to explore Disney worlds in this mobile RPG. Play as the bearer of the Keyblade and discover new mysteries of the licence very soon by registering via the official form.
  • Amikin enters pre-registration on Google Play: Fans of monster collecting can rejoice with the imminent arrival of Amikin, a game combining survival, crafting and creature collecting. Pre-register now to avoid missing out on the launch.
  • Child of the Hidden God in regional beta on 23 April: The creators of Soul Tide return with Child of the Hidden God, an RPG with a unique style. The regional beta kicks off on 23 April, giving players their first taste of this captivating world.
  • Infinity Nikki Fantasy Test begins on 24 April: Get ready for a peaceful adventure with Infinity Nikki, a game that blends exploration and dress-up in enchanting settings. Join us on 24 April to discover this fantastic world.

In the mobile gaming industry, the anime Genshin gives its news and NinjaKiwi buys AutoAttack

Esports and big licences are in the spotlight this week.

NinjaKiwi acquires AutoAttack

  • Genshin and Honkai Star Rail in anime: The world of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd is about to conquer the world of animation. With the support of the city of Shanghai, these projects promise total immersion in fantastic worlds.
  • NinjaKiwi acquires AutoAttack: Tower defence expert NinjaKiwi acquires AutoAttack, opening up new horizons for fans of the genre. Look out for more nuggets to come in the world of mobile strategy games.
  • 10 years of Summoners War: Summoners War celebrates a decade of success with special events and rewards for players. Take the opportunity to summon powerful creatures and discover what the future holds for this popular gacha.
  • COD Mobile World Championship 2024: Call of Duty Mobile competitions return with an impressive cash prize of over $1 million. Players from all over the world are preparing to do battle for the title of champion.

See you next week for a round-up of mobile games news!

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