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AFK Journey Tier List

AFK Journey Tier List: ranking of the best heroes in 2024

Welcome to the AFK Journey tier list, which brings together all the best 2024 heroes to use in your composition, in PvP, in PvE, against Dream Re...

Best AFK Journey Hero Wish List

The best AFK Journey Hero Wish List: Thoran, Rowan...

To boost your chances of dropping the game's strongest characters, Lilith Games has set up a wish list system that lets you select the heroes of...

Free spins Coin Master free spins

Coin Master free spins: Daily coins and free spins (April 2024)

Are you dreaming of an avalanche of gifts, a rain of corners and a mountain of free spins in Coin Master? As you know, in this game it can be dif...

Dofus icon

Dofus Touch Review

#Multiplayer #Adventure #MMORPG
Players 8.4
Caramel Choux Cookie CRK update

Arrival of Caramel Choux Cookie and Street Urchin Cookie in the CRK Cuckoo Town Square update

There's a shortage of sweet content for players to sink their teeth into, and the team of developers at Devsisters intend to do something about i...

Release of Howl, mobile puzzle game on Android and iOS

Release of Howl, an original puzzle game with a deaf heroine and werewolves

Are you looking for a unique puzzle game to spend a few evenings playing on your phone? With the release of Howl, you've come to the right place....

Clash Mini closure announced by Supercell

Supercell announces the shutdown of Clash Mini... but it will return!

This is the end. The miniatures are going home and Clash Mini is shutting down. Supercell is bringing this adventure to an end, despite a promisi...

Pre-registration for the Dofus Touch 2024 relaunch

Dive into the Dofus Touch re-launch with 45,000 other pre-registered players!

You're looking for a new mobile game to get into, but nothing's tempting you. And yet, the answer may be right under your nose. Like more than 40...

JeuMobi news Recap with JoJo's Mobile, Cookie Run Witch's Castle and Night Crows

Cookie Run Witch's Castle and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile: this week's Mobile Games News Recap

In issue 150, we talk about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile, the arrival of Cookie Run Witch's Castle, a new Subway Surfers mode and lots more mo...

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile announced by gumi Inc

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile game announced for 2025

The Joestar family is preparing for its arrival on the mobile phone. We've just learned that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile is being developed b...

Mobile games recap with Akira Toiryama and Astra Knights of Veda

Kingdom The Blood arrives, Fortnite on iOS, and Seven Knights Rebirth teased: this week's Mobile Game News Recap

In issue of the Mobile Games News Recap 149, we talk about the end of Akira Toriyama, the release of Kingdom: the Blood, the worldwide release of...

Fairy Tail Fierce Fight Android iOS pre-registrations

Fairy Tail Fierce Fight preregistrations open before the release of the anime ARPG

Hate it or love it, the Fairy Tail anime has enjoyed undeniable popularity for over ten years. And the worlds ofEarthland and Edolas are still go...

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