Dofus Touch review: the rebirth of dragon eggs in 2024

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Dofus has been a must-have MMORPG for 20 years, from its early browser days right through to its mobile version. And if you wanted to get started now, in the face of all the top players who've had time to turn the game around since 2016, is it worth getting started on Dofus Touch in 2024? That's what we're going to find out in this Dofus Touch test done with love, second degree and Dopples corpses.

A World of Twelve meticulously crafted for interesting quests and characters

This Dofus Touch review begins with the game's lore, which brings this mobile MMO to life. Ankama has been working for 20 years on a coherent and unique universe with character classes you won't find anywhere else and some of the most approximate puns in video games.

Test of Dofus Touch: MMORPG with dragon eggs

In terms of story, Dofus Touch sends you to the World of Twelve, an original fantasy universe with a mix of cute creatures, monstrosities, glory-seeking players and lush environments. You take on the role of a hero in search of the Dofus, the primordial dragon eggs that help bring harmony to the world.

I won't tell you too much more so as not to spoil anything, but the game is packed with details and characters that you're going to love... provided you're willing to read a lot of text. It's a complex universe with more dimension than FedEx quests and replaceable guard NPCs.

Kerubim Crépin Notice Dofus Touch Quests

You also have access to different dialogue options and quest variations depending on your actions. If you don't read on in the early game, you'll end up giving your Kamas away like an idiot and ending up a slave to a greedy ecaflip demigod, eh... Kerubim!

Dofus Touch gameplay test, the effective twist on Dofus PC

In this Dofus Touch test, I was able to make two characters during my Dofus Touch test, an Osamodas and a Sram. I put them to the test on 3 different devices: a low-end phone, a mid-range tablet and a more powerful tablet.

Unique Dofus Touch classes available

Extraordinary characters

In terms of gameplay, Ankama's title boasts over a dozen unique character classes to date. Here's a quick trailer presenting the game's features and the adventures you can try out with the different classes.

The Dofus Touch classes are different from what you're used to seeing in classic RPGs:

  • Cras, a ranger with the ability to replicate his attacks using beacons,

  • Ecaflip, who relies on chance and mobility to unleash his devastating effects,

  • Eniripsa, a very solid support that puts marks on allies and enemies, much more interesting since its redesign,

  • Enutrof, the treasure hunter who turns chests into weapons,

  • Feca, a protection class that inscribes glyphs with spectacular properties,

  • Iop, a hand-to-hand warrior,

  • Osamodas, who summons creatures to fight for him,

  • Pandawa, an alcoholic who has perfected Rock Lee's Drunken Man technique (if you haven't got the ref, it's in Naruto),

  • Roublard, an explosive class who drags enemies into his bomb bombs,

  • Sacrieur, the unstoppable berserker who goes into a super-powered rage as he takes damage,

  • Sadida, a voodoo druid,

  • Sram, a skeletal, stealthy assassin who is virtually undetectable and specialises in laying traps,

  • Steamer, who sets up evolving turrets with different abilities,

  • Xélor, who manipulates time and space to dominate battles,

  • Zobal, who can change his mask and mood by modifying his abilities and assigning shields.

Suffice to say, with all these classes that you won't find anywhere else, there's plenty of scope to play through the adventure several times without getting bored.

Redesign early game Île Albuera test Dofus Touch

In fact, I'd advise you to try them all out before making your choice at the start of the game. You can play each of them at level 50, 100 or 200 at the Kano Dojo on the island of Albuera during the early game. And even if you come from Dofus PC and the classes look familiar, they're actually different on Dofus Touch. Indeed, the game has benefited from an overhaul of the gameplay of most of the classes.

As a new player on Dofus Touch, I'm impressed by the balance and variety possible in combat with each class. Spend your skill points and spells wisely, and choose your professions as practically as possible, because resetting isn't always free.

Quests test Dofus Touch gameplay

Tactical combat and farm loops

Beyond character choice, Dofus Touch offers a world with hundreds of main and side quests, over 10,000 maps to explore, dozens of creatures you've never seen elsewhere, dungeons and lots of turn-based tactical combat. You'll learn to intelligently position your character and his summons according to your opponents, until you become a fine strategist!

Combat Dofus Touch tactical advice

And you'll have to fight thousands of battles before you reach the maximum level, the famous level 200. In my opinion, Dofus Touch is a title best suited to big farmers. If you're not ready for that, you'll have to pass. Despite the enjoyable dialogue and eccentric characters that you'll love discovering as you go along in a particularly well-written adventure, you're going to have to eat whole loops of farming in order to hope to level up.

PvP Update Kolizéum Ankama

If you like organised farming, full-on optimisation and group dungeons, this is the game for you. What's more, there's no auto mode built into the basic experience, unlike other mobile MMOs. This MMO is essentially played in PvE, which is your farm. However, via the Kolizeum in particular, you can take on other players in various types of duel and enjoy PvP. There's also guild map control.

The economy of the virtual world is governed by the players. So make the most of your farm to sell your resources and crafting creations at the auction house. With the profits, you'll be able to buy yourself a nice little outfit.

Quality of life, professions and gameplay improvements

In this test, Dofus Touch also revealed one of its major assets: incomparable gameplay, improved with each update. In terms of handling, it's the best MMORPG on the phone. With each major update, the game gets better ergonomics, adjustments to unique class spells, and changes aimed at maximum efficiency.

My opinion on Dofus Touch and the Dragoturkey Mounts

You'll be doing a lot of fighting, but the game's other activities will give you a bit of a break. With the professions, you can go fishing, mow wheat, chop wood, create jewellery or even forge weapons. And, if you feel like it, you can even set up an in-game livestock farm! Dragoturkey mounts and their genetic alteration are a bit like the OGs of NFT with their certificate of identity.

Botting and bugging

Compared to its early days on the phone, the current version of Dofus Touch has got rid of a major scourge: botting. This made the game experience painful for real players, who no longer had much interest in getting involved in certain professions. Things are back to normal now and the virtual economy is much more stable without the tides of hungry bots.

For my part, I still encountered a few frustrating bugs. The next map screen not loading. Spells disappearing on creatures in my Osamodas. Or the selection of the square on which to cast my skill not working. I didn't experience any crashes or disconnections, but when the selection starts to malfunction in the middle of a dungeon, it can be frustrating to go through Sponge Mob 10 times for nothing.

A nostalgic atmosphere

From the very first seconds of the game, Dofus Touch's background music takes you back in time to the golden age of MMORPGs. It's the essential soundtrack you'd expect from a title like this. The sound design is a little repetitive for my taste, especially the footsteps that drive me crazy after a few hours of play.

Graphics Dofus Touch MMORPG mobile

On the other hand, the graphics are a major highlight of the Dofus Touch experience. The environments are illustrated with Ankama's graphic style, part comic book, part anime, with shimmering colours and an omnipresent attention to detail. I challenge you to find a world as complete and meticulously crafted on mobile.

So I recommend that you play the game on a tablet for the best visual experience. You'll be able to take full advantage of the beauty of the game and its immersive atmosphere, as well as having more room to rummage through each menu. Dofus Touch takes everything that makes Dofus memorable and gives it a practical, modern twist that makes it fit in your pocket without losing any of its charm.

A peaceful free-to-play business model

Let's move on to the business model, an essential aspect of the mobile experience. Forget the classic premium subscription of Dofus PC. Here, all game zones and features are accessible free of charge. It's a 100% free-to-play game that doesn't pester you with pack sales or annoying ads.

So how does Ankama make the game profitable? A few items can be purchased with real money:

  • Cosmetic items,

  • Some high-level resources (legendary weapon upgrades),

  • Bonus packs to make your sessions more effective.

Elite Premium Pack mobile business model

Nothing game-breaking. At the same time, that's to be expected. The developers are keen to preserve the game's economy. The most important thing is the packs.

  • The classic seven-day or thirty-day pack combines three advantages to boost your progress: 150% combat and quest XP, +150% drop and +50% trade XP for 5 euros a month or 120,000 Kamas (30,000 Kamas over 7 days).

  • The 10-euro Elite Pack has all the same benefits, plus additional bonuses such as free and unlimited restat, a premium house with all the Dopples (farmed daily, it saves you 20 minutes of farm time every day), a portable zaap and unlimited cosmetic colour changes.

The game is completely free to play, and you can even get the boost packs with money you've earned in-game. This is a serious advantage for free-to-play players like me, who also feel rewarded for their in-game progress.

What's more, as I said earlier, the bots that were killing the economy and making it wobbly have been removed overall, and you're now evolving in a world that's essentially populated by players and managed by players via the Auction House.

Is Dofus Touch still alive in 2024? Game health, community and updates

For an MMORPG dating back to 2016, it's not easy to stay relevant in the face of other big live service games such as Tower of Fantasy, Albion Online, Black Desert mobile or Summoners War: Chronicles. As I was able to see during this test, Dofus Touch has made several winning bets by moving away from the PC version. The game now has its own identity, with dungeons in 3 rooms, battles for up to 4 players, revamped classes and a host of redesigned systems.

Where Dofus PC rests too much on its laurels, Dofus Touch offers one update after another in an attempt to breathe new life into the World of Twelve. For example, the game is being relaunched in 2024 with a huge server rush in which tens of thousands of players are gathering to conquer the maps, dungeons and progression levels.

The magic of the early days of Dofus has resurfaced with the Dofus Touch hype, a feat we didn't necessarily think could be achieved twice, but one that promises great things for the future of the game.

Test Dofus Touch community event

Thegame's community is very active. As you wander around, you'll naturally come across other players ready to help you, even if you're not in their guild. You can join any battle that starts next to your character, and that's a great way to meet new people.

Even without necessarily trying to interact with other people, I received a lot of advice and was part of several groups during my time testing Dofus Touch. There's a lot of in-game content (with a 20-year history of updates on PC), both single-player and multiplayer. And the Ankama team dedicated to the mobile project has managed to make Dofus sexy again.

Given the current state of health of Dofus Touch, I'd recommend that anyone who wants to discover the Dofus universe and gameplay should play the mobile version rather than the PC version. OK, you've reached Maybe I'm not impartial!

My final opinion on Dofus Touch

The conclusion of this Dofus Touch review is clear: if you're an MMO player who's into farming and theorycraft, and you're taking advantage of the hype surrounding the game's re-launch, there's no more complete title in this category on mobile. It's a game that's not afraid to be original. With its timeless turn-based gameplay and unique character classes, Dofus Touch has created a vast fantasy universe that's well worth a visit, with attention to detail reinforced by 20 years of expertise.

It's all free, but we'd still advise you to get the premium pack with your kamas as soon as possible, so you don't run out of loot and xp!

Icon Dofus Touch review
/> 9.2

This test was carried out in collaboration with Ankama, the official publisher and developer of Dofus Touch. Thanks to them for their support!

Dofus Touch review: the rebirth of dragon eggs in 2024

Positive points

  • Original universe and IP
  • A business model that's F2P-friendly
  • Efficient tactical gameplay
  • Tons of puns and crazy jokes
  • Hundreds of hours of content
  • Full of potential for the future

Negative points

  • Repetitive sound design
  • A few frustrating bugs
  • Walls of text to read
Dofus Touch banner
  • Story - 10
  • Gameplay - 8.7
  • Atmosphere - 8.5
  • Business model - 9
  • Activity level - 10
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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