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Dofus Touch
Downloads: + 5 000 000

Dofus Touch takes everything that's at the heart of the original Dofus, the legendary French MMORPG published and developed by Ankama. Thanks to this mobile port, you can (re)immerse yourself in a fantastical world of collectible primordial dragon eggs called Dofus. Choose from one of 15 playable character classes, before embarking on a free-roaming adventure featuring tactical battles to boost your abilities, dungeons and team play. Battle creatures in squads of 3 characters, try out different professions, customise your house or build your own empire selling items and breeding livestock. Dofus Touch has the advantage of offering a complete multiplayer experience. The world is full of other active players in guilds, guaranteeing you plenty of PvE and PvP challenges! Enter the world of the Twelve in free-to-play on mobile to experience a unique adventure in Dofus Touch on Android and iOS.

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