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Test Dragon Raja - a virtual world where everything is possible with dragon blood

If the metaverse makes you dream with the idea of a virtual world in which you can do everything and be who you want, you will surely want to test Dragon Raja, an MMORPG with huge customization, action and character development possibilities. Let’s enter this review together in this universe at the crossroads of The Sims, Black Desert and the cyberpunk multiverse, available in free-to-play on Android and iOS.

Dragon blood runs through your veins

The story of this Dragon Raja review begins in a school like no other. You wake up quietly in your room as an event prepares to prove your talents and have a chance to study in town, away from the Cassel College school that looks like an orphanage. Obviously, things are not going as planned. You discover that you and the other youngsters in the establishment are regularly injected with dragon blood to develop unique magical powers. A fight begins with outside forces storming the school and massacring your friends. Seeing this disaster unleashes within you an explosion of rage and power that draws directly from the dragon’s power and introduces you to combat system.

Young people who, like you, have dragon blood, will die before their 20s but may be able to defeat the gigantic dragon bosses before their end.

Cut scenes and cinematics with full voice over in mobile RPGs
History of Cassell College in the Dragon Raja phone game

The magical world you can discover by testing Dragon Raja is inspired by a series of Chinese books that you can only discover in this game, since the books have never been translated into other languages.

The story is pleasant to follow even if, like many Asian titles, the characters are stereotypical and the dialogues become caricatures to the point of sometimes losing their meaning. We will still appreciate being able to make choices during dialogues and certain phases of action for immersion in this Dragon Raja review.

Fortunately, the development of the narration is punctuated by staging that brings music, a cinematic aspect and emotion to the game.

Dragon Raja gameplay review: endless possibilities of crafting, socializing and character evolution

As with other Archosaur Games titles, you'll be able to test your creative talents with a fully customizable avatar. In the character builder at the beginning of the game, you'll have access to a wide choice of colors, sizes and styles to create a unique hero, who looks like you or not. Using all the options, you'll get a fitted model from head to toe, with special attention to your hair, face and makeup.

Test Dragon Raja with advanced avatar customization
Test Dragon Raja for creating a custom avatar face

A solid RPG base

In terms of gameplay, Dragon Raja is a particularly solid proposal that has made its three years of existence an asset in terms of content. The game clearly defines itself as an open-world MMORPG in 3D with aspects of simulation, PvPvE combat, socialization and personal creation. At the beginning of the game, you start your adventure with story and fights. Eventually, you can become a powerful warrior in the class of your choice among the 14 classes available, including the Yasai class that arrives freshly in the game in September with a brand new PvP mode.

14th Yasai class in the Dragon Raja roster
Different character classes in the MMORPG Dragon Raja

A big plus for this Asian RPG is that the classes are not gender lock. You can play a male, female or loli character in any class. Be careful, your choices for your first game are limited and you can then unlock the new classes thanks totransfers to higher level.

Constantly evolving content: a new class every three months, events, creative options and additional game modes

What is striking about Dragon Raja is that since 2020 the game has not stopped adding high quality content, maps, classes and events. You have many possibilities to turn your game into a unique experience. For example, you can have your dream home and decorate it, make friends, fight in different modes, surf freely in the world or motorcycle ride with custom vehicles, have a coffee on the terrace, play an instrument, play basketball, grow your little dragon, join clubs and develop your talent for photography.

Dragon Raja photo mode reviewed by JeuMobi

In fact, Dragon Raja enjoys a high-quality photo mode. It's reminiscent of another Archosaur Games title since you can find similar features in Life Makeover with a pose system, frame, emoji and even companion that allow you to take incredible photos of your adventure. And, in Dragon Raja, you can even make it your career. As you progress in level, you will have the choice between 3 major specializations. First, a specialization between the hardcore player who wants to move towards large-scale PvP combat cross servers or casual player who prefers to participate in a wide variety of activity and specialize in music, in photo or in another career, or the light player with short sessions who still wants to enjoy the game.

Test Dragon Raja basketball mode

Archosaur ensures that each player can find his account by testing Dragon Raja several hours a day or with short sessions. Moreover, the title also offers an optional autoplay to find the way to your quests or fight without taking the lead. The auto mode is relatively limited, anyway and will not be enough to survive boss fights, since ground areas are not automatically dodged and deal a lot of damage. I regret that this auto mode is almost a necessity since the interface is not very practical and the world would benefit from a real dynamic map to navigate.

In any case, the world of Dragon Raja belongs to you, as in this trailer. It's a playground full of explosions, stylish raids with friends, moments of relaxation and cyberpunk equipment for rock stars. In combat, you'll enjoy the beautiful combo sensations with the multiple skills of your dragon blood combined with the directional joystick.

A tailor-made fantasy and cyberpunk atmosphere

The Dragon Raja review revealed a graphic level that makes it one of the most beautiful mobile games on the market. This Archosaur Games title is illustrated with beautiful cutscenes and, as a bonus, a complete voice over in English. you will also test your reflexes with QTE actions to dodge explosions or react to a danger.

Raid combat in Dragon Raja review

Dragon Raja is impressive for its great attention to detail and level of finish. Many objects and places of interaction populate the environment and offer an incredible feeling of freedom coupled with the totally open environment. This MMORPG is also unique in its artistic direction with a distinct mix of futuristic and fantasy styles, Japan, Siberia, Asia fill the virtual world.

Official visual MMORPG Dragon Raja by Archosaur Games

The game shines by its accessibility of grip thanks to different options for auto mode, specializations and camera lock. The interface could be greatly improved to allow better navigation fluidity.

Test Dragon Raja's business model

Let’s move on to the business model of the Dragon Raja MMORPG. This is clearly the weak point of the game compared to the freedom offered by the rest of the experience. The more you progress, the more the grind is felt. Daily tasks become repetitive and time consuming and you feel the presence of premium players, especially in PvP, that you will have a hard time competing with them. Overall, the end-game becomes a bit pay-to-win, but if you do not go into PvP in your specialization, it will feel less.

Dragon Raja Review: the Business Model

The gacha elements add to Dragon Raja’s business model, which is more like a sandbox and narrative MMORPG where you can be whoever you want, like a futuristic Sims opus.

This test was conducted in partnership with Archosaur Games, the publisher of Dragon Raja. If this is the kind of experience you enjoy, feel free to download the game on your phone.

My final opinion on Dragon Raja

In conclusion, my definitive opinion on Dragon Raja is obviously positive. Already in 2020, the title was off the beaten track with unusual graphics on the phone and a much better than average open-world offering a very immersive freedom of expression and action. Today, this title remains a bottomless pit for your time and creativity. Even if the MMORPG gets heavier with an overdose of grind, repetitive tasks and a slightly charged interface, it can largely make you enjoy many hours of immersion on Android and iOS, in a colorful and unique cyberpunk inspirations universe between solid combat system and polished narration despite some lack of meaning.

Test Dragon Raja - a virtual world where everything is possible with dragon blood

Positive points

  • A unique cyberpunk and fantasy universe
  • Immense creative possibilities
  • An ultra-complete MMORPG
  • Outstanding graphics on mobile

Negative points

  • A busy business model from the mid-game onwards
  • Interface navigation difficulties
  • Confusing dialogue and storyline
Dragon Raja banner
  • Graphics - 10
  • History - 8
  • Gameplay - 9
  • Business model - 7
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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