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Life Makeover Review - the great makeover of mobile dress-up games

Life Makeover is a shiny new mobile dress-up game. To enter this world of virtual beauty, you'll need your sense of style, creativity and strategic thinking. At the crossroads of classic dress-up games, light novels and Sims, let's discover this summer's release together in our test complete of Life Makeover. By the way, I invite you to download Life Makeover on Android or iOS to try it out with me and share your opinion on our Discord server.

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A Life Makeover review revealing an experience rich in game modes revolving around fashion and style

In terms of gameplay, Life Makeover is far more complex than rivals such asShining Nikki, with multiple gameplay options: from customizing your outfits to arranging a house and style contests. In-game, you're a real designer, mixing fabrics, prints and colors to create a brand and collection that's all your own. You can choose to prove yourself in the campaign, in Endorsement challenges or in the game's other PvE and PvP challenges.

And, if you tire of clothing design and the competitive world of fashion brands, you can decide to relax in your own home. The house you buy at the start of the game is not definitive: it's up to you to decorate it, buy another one, expand your portfolio of properties or visit your friends. In addition to all this, Life Makeover's review also needs to highlight the various gacha systems.

Ally Gerald Life Makeover
Creating The Sims house in a dress up game
Opinion on Life Makeover and its custom-designed clothes

In fact, the game accumulates several types of resources to unlock dyes, clothing models and even allies. Allies are characters (whom you'll come across in the story) who serve to boost your style score during audience evaluations. For example, being accompanied by Gerald during outfit confirmation will boost your performance in the Elegant, Sexy, Cool, Gorgeous and Warm categories, while ally Ai will boost your points in the Lively, Pure, Sweet, Simple and Fresh categories.

Review of Life Makeover’s light novel-like story, full of twists and turns, and advanced avatar creation

The adventure begins with a complete customization of your character, from head to toe. Eyelash size, leg length, facial curves: it's all there. Fans of avatar creators who spend hours setting parameters before embarking on an RPG will be able to fine-tune every detail of their avatar's appearance. However, I quickly realized in this review of Life Makeover that you shouldn't dwell on hair and outfit, as these elements will be constantly modified throughout the story and the challenges of the various game modes.

Test Life Makeover game modes
Light novel campaign at test . Life Makeover
Dress up contest on Android and iOS with test . Life Makeover

Once you've prepared your feminine character (there's no masculine option at present, and there probably won't be, judging by the resolutely feminine color palette employed by this title), you'll be able to explore a lengthy light novel detective story with disappearances, investigations, fires and many twists and turns. Extensive dialogue allows the plot to unfold naturally.

Test Life Makeover collectable gacha allies

What's more, the story alternates between static illustrations and elaborate cinematics. All character interactions are voice-over narrated, which clearly enhances immersion. The character of each NPC is fully felt, which is rare enough in a mobile game to be worth mentioning. The narrative is divided into different branches, with a story that you can choose from. Yet your decisions have no discernible impact on the storyline. No matter what you say, the story is all mapped out, and this quickly becomes frustrating. Fortunately, Life Makeover adapts to those who aren't keen on the story, thanks to its auto mode and dialogue skip.

Fashion design in mobile dress-up game

This Life Makeover review gave me a glimpse of the main campaign, which spans a large number of chapters. It unlocks rewards, accessories and new features. So you can gradually build your own home, create your own fashion brand, take on competitive challenges and conquer the world through influence.

A fairytale atmosphere of beauty and fashion

Life Makeover's graphics are far more elegant than those of other titles on the market. The textures of the fabrics, the shine of the jewels and the visual design of the interface have been thought out to make your fashion sense shine, and it shows. Every outfit and every strand of hair is perfectly Instagrammable. In the presentation videos of your outfit chosen for the occasion, you'll see the score climb with likes from the public. Your character strikes a pose. Every angle photographed makes you a supermodel in the making.

Screenshot test Life Makeover with image filters
Tets Life Makeover GameMobi
Review of outfit Life Makeover high score

In fact, the overall rendering is truly impressive. In my opinion, for a mobile game, the lighting effects and staging at Life Makeover represent a real step-up in the market. Yet it's not just your avatar's outfits and dream body that light up the screen. Your home, whether modest or downright luxurious, would make Electronic Arts' Sims jealous. By reviewing Life Makeover, you can personalize the rooms in your villa, as well as your outfits, and organize events to showcase your brand as well as your personality.

A generous mobile dress-up game that plays on the FOMO of new clothing trends

Life Makeover 's business model is similar to that of conventional dress-up games. Specifically, Archosaur Games invites players to spend on resources and special outfits. With each new collection, regulars will be able to pull out the blue card. This is a system that allows free-to-play players to enjoy these outfits once they are no longer in fashion on the game. Numerous elements are also available via a gacha system. And Archosaur Games is well versed in this field, having just released their Madtale gacha on mobile for the summer.

Review of the business model and rewards  Life Makeover

After reviewing Life Makeover, I'd really advise you to delve into all the menus before making a purchase, as the game is fairly generous in terms of resources, but the design of its interface and the order in which gameplay elements are unlocked may hold you back from easily accessing what you need to progress. Basically, most gameplay elements are accessible free-to-play, and Life Makeover is mostly played solo, despite a few competitions and a friends and guild system, so you won't have many limits to your designs!

Note that there is also an energy system for progressing through the story chapters, which will require you to wait a little or to spend a few euros during long game sessions. You can also recover energy by having your Sim / Model sleep in your house.

This test was carried out in partnership with Archosaur Games, the publisher of Life Makeover. If this is the kind of experience you enjoy, don't hesitate and download the game to your phone (you'll need a few GB of free space).

My final review of Life Makeover, Archosaur Games' dress-up game for Android and iOS

This Life Makeover review has revealed one of the most complete dress-up games on the market, if not the most complete in its category on the mobile app stores. The highly advanced customization of clothes using UV Map paint, combined with the various fashion challenges, the light novel story and the decoration of your home all contribute to creating an immersive and highly coherent graphic and game universe. A certain lack of organization in the menus and a lack of intuitiveness when it comes to interweaving the various segments of the gameplay loop make Life Makeover messy and difficult to get to grips with at first. However, if you love the influence industry, visual customization of every detail and fashion immersion in all its forms, Life Makeover is just waiting to draw you into its world of sequins, fabrics and supermodels.

Life Makeover Review - the great makeover of mobile dress-up games

Positive points

  • Outstanding graphics quality on mobile
  • Ultra-precise outfit customization
  • Varied gameplay for a dress-up game

Negative points

  • Clear lack of organization in handling
  • Banal soundtrack
  • Too many locked-in options to unlock one by one, smacking of long-term cash grab (dye, outfit slots, etc.).
Life Makeover banner
  • Graphics - 10
  • History - 7
  • Gameplay - 8
  • Business model - 7
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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