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Tier List Saint Seiya Legend of Justice - Reroll guide to the best knights

Tier List Saint Seiya Legend of Justice of the best knights of the Zodiac

Check out our tips and tricks on the best knights in our tier list Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. We explain how to compose your team, who are the most powerful Zodiac knights how to reroll to get the starting characters you want.

The qualities and defects of the knights of the Zodiac SS LOJ

Before we start our tier list Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice of the best knights, it is necessary to make a point about the functioning of the game's fights. There are about a hundred different knights. Each one has unique skills, which can be used to inflict damage on the enemy, protect team members or heal team members.

Tier list Saint Seiya Legend of Justice best ranked knights

Indeed, the knights of the Zodiac also have a rarity level, a type and an element. Similar to what we are used to see in games like Pokémon, each element has a strength and a weakness.

Water beats Fire, which beats Wind, which beats Earth, which beats Water. In addition to this cycle, the elements Light and Darkness respectively inflict more damage on each other, but have no bonus or malus against the other elements. You must therefore take into account the synergies of the characters when composing your team, in order to unlock bonuses:

  • Three knights of the same element: +10% HP and ATK ;
  • Three knights of the same element and two of another: +15% HP and ATK ;
  • Four knights of the same element: +20% HP and +15% ATK ;
  • Five knights of different elements: +20% HP and ATK ;
  • Five knights of the same element: +25% HP and ATK.

The Knights of the tier list Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to break the rule and neglect the synergy of your team to integrate a powerful character to improve it. In our tier list Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, we reveal the best knights to invest your resources in, as they have the potential to become pillars of your team.

The tier list contains only silver, gold, marina, specter and god knights. Weaker knights are not worth spending your resources after the early game to have a competitive account. The best SS LOJ knights in this ranking are tier S+, S and A.

Name of the knightTierElementRole
MÛ (best support)S+FireHeart
Kanon (marina)SDarknessAssassin
Aldebaran (ideal for F2P players)SEarthDefence
Babel (in combo with Ikki)AFireCompetence
Dohko (not as good as at launch)AWindDefence
Sorrento (too difficult to max)ALightHeart
Aiolia (best in PvE)AFireAttack
Evil Saga (not currently meta)ADarknessCompetence
Milo (interesting for bosses, in PvE)AWaterAssassin
Sirius (can be played without being upgraded)BEarthAttack
Shura (not meta)BEarthAssassin
Orpheus (rarely played in competition)BWaterCompetence
Ptolemy (only for the Poseidon fight)BWindAssassin
Algol (too much RNG)CEarthDefense

The hard-to-get Legend of Justice knights like Sorrento are rated lower than tier S despite their power because they are hard to recommend for beginners or casual players who surely won't be able to bring them to their maximum power.

Tier List Saint Seiya Legend of Justice, list of the best LOJ knights

Get the best knights with reroll and draws

The easiest way to get the best knights of the tier list Saint Seiya Legend of Justice is still to use the reroll. To do this, after the tutorial, create a new account and start from the beginning if your draw of the first knights does not contain any excellent heroes. For the rest of the game, save your diamonds as much as possible.

If you spend 2,700 diamonds at a time for 10 draws, you are really only paying for 9 draws and therefore get a free draw to increase your chances of getting the best knights in the Saint Seiya LOJ tierlist. The improvement of your account and your knights can be further optimized if you follow our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice beginner's guide and the tips listed there.

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