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Sigret Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

Sigret in Epic Seven is a 5-star character of the Warrior class and the Ice element. She can be obtained, with a little luck, as early as the beginning of the game.[Read More]

Epic Seven announcements for 2022

In recent weeks, Epic Seven announcements for 2022 have been rather tentative. Fortunately, Valentine's Day was able to soften the blow and here are some...[Read More]

Epic Seven Episode 4: Everything you should know

Since yesterday, the new Epic Seven update offers the long awaited Chapter 1 of Episode 4: Dawn of a New Era. Te...[Read More]

Epic Seven Catalysts: Where and how to get them?

Catalysts in Epic Seven are essential as they allow you to awaken and enhance heroes by unlocking bonuses in their lives.[Read More]

Tier list Epic Seven: the best heroes of the game

The Epic Seven RPG is full of heroes. There is something for everyone and each one has unique stats and skills. Generally speaking, the...[Read More]

Epic Seven Sanctuary: location of the Breaths of Orbis

In Epic Seven, players are busy fighting monsters and enemies in a variety of game modes (Adventure, Abyss, etc.).[Read More]

Time error Epic Seven: How to fix the bug ?

Epic Seven is all about powerful heroes, strategy, optimization and an exciting adventure through different game modes.[Read More]

Tamarinne Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

From dangerous assassins to brave knights to the toughest warriors, there's no shortage of testosterone among the heroes of Epic Sev...[Read More]

Dizzy Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

In the Epic Seven RPG, there is a plethora of heroes. There's something for everyone, even blue-haired chimeras with two-tone wings like D...[Read More]

Lilias Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

There's no shortage of heroes in the Epic Seven RPG. With their unique profiles and skills, more than one hero is worth a look. Each of them is a...[Read More]

Kayron Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

The Epic Seven RPG does not lack diversity when it comes to heroes. They all have unique profiles and skills. Each one is free to compose his or her own character.[Read More]

Epic Seven Heroes Guide | Overview

The first few levels of Epic Seven are deliberately easy to get through, whether it's the Adventure, the Hunt or the Altar of Love.[Read More]

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