Test Orbia : A nice and relaxing game

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Welcome to our new test ! Today we present Orbia. A nice game to enjoy in total relaxation whenever you have a little time.

Orbia is an arcade game developed by JOX Development, the makers of Tap Tap Dash.

Simple and efficient gameplay, pleasant music, elegant graphics: a great discovery for a mobile game. After our test, we adopted it!

Check out our test video of Orbia!

Test by MrAlgost.

Test Orbia : A nice and relaxing game

Positive points

  • Simple concept, very well exploited
  • Visually successful
  • Lots of content (worlds, costumes)
  • Pleasant music
  • Not too full of advertising
  • Nice bonus

Negative points

  • Levels a little redundant
  • Rather repetitive gameplay
Orbia banner
  • Graphics - 8
  • Service life - 7
  • Playability - 8
  • Set - 8
Marjo Former editor-in-chief of JeuMobi and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!
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