State of Survival
State of Survival
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In State of Survival, you have to build a strategy around your town in order to fight and survive against the zombies. It's been six months since the apocalypse began when an unknown virus infected the city's inhabitants. Building the strongest empire to resist the zombies and other players is essential to protect your survivors and become the best!

In State of Survival, you'll need to farm resources to build up your troops and recruit heroes to help you in both PVE and PVP. Embark on an epic adventure in the midst of the infected and use your strategy to survive in this hostile universe!

You can also play State of Survival on PC with an Android emulator. It's ideal for enjoying the game with better graphics and performance. I highly recommend it!

Is State of Survival a good game?

State of Survival is considered by the gaming community to be a good strategy game, with enjoyable gameplay and atmosphere, where the balance between in-game experience and microtransactions remains acceptable. The presence of paid items does not hinder the experience of players who do not wish to spend money on the game. Progression will simply be slower.

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Apart from this aspect, State of Survival is a good game for a number of reasons:

  • An immersive atmosphere: if you're looking for a post-apocalyptic survival game, SoS is sure to please! The player is immediately plunged into a chaotic world overrun by zombies, an atmosphere reinforced by the game's sound design and music, which are particularly well done.
  • Quality gameplay: State of Survival is a strategic game where survival is at the heart of the gameplay. To get through the adventure, you'll need to enlist the help of a number of SoS heroes. You'll also have to complete missions to collect the resources you need to upgrade your HQ. There's nothing revolutionary here, but State of Survival does things well, offering a fast-paced and enjoyable progression.

If you want to get started, check out our State of Survival beginner's guide!

Is it possible to play State of Survival on PC?

The answer to this question is yes, you can play State of Survival on a PC or Mac. You can opt for the official emulator, or an Android emulator. The good news? You can transfer your progress from one medium to another. To do this, simply complete the tutorial, then go to your settings, then Account Management and enter your SoS account ID.

Don't hesitate to try it out on your computer, for even better graphics and a much more comfortable game experience!

How do I progress in State of Survival?

Like all good strategy games, to progress in State of Survival you need to understand the game's various mechanisms. Among the elements that will help you to progress effectively in SoS, good base management remains essential, as does the harvesting of resources that will enable you to raise an army. And for even more resources, why not take a look at our State of Survival codes?

Knowing the order of buildings to upgrade is also essential. If you want to get through the game without too much difficulty, take a look at our State of Survival tips and tricks! They'll be a great help.

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