Eversoul Honglan Guide: skills, build and synergies

Eversoul Honglan Guide, build, skills and synergies

If you follow the game Eversoul closely, you probably know that a new character has just been released on February 16, 2023. Today, in this Eversoul Honglan guide, we tell you about this recently unveiled caster. Appearance, skills, synergies for your team composition, we take stock!

Eversoul Honglan build guide

Eversoul Honglan guide: what are the characteristics of the character?

Honglan is a beast type soul and his role is that of a caster. Her skills use ice and cover many areas. From control to debuffs to mana reduction to time damage, the Ice Moon Butterfly heroine will be a versatile support in your team. Let's take a look at her skills to complete this Eversoul Honglan guide:

Name of the competenceType of skillsEffects of the skill
Ice Dragon's Howling FuryUltimate skillHonglan freezes the battlefield, inflicting instant damage to enemies over time. In addition, all enemies are stunned for 2 seconds and have their mana reduced.
Glacial ShowerMain SkillHonglan unleashes a rain of ice that deals damage proportional to his attack, damage over time and mana reduction to enemies.
Ice DragonSub SkillSummoning an ice dragon, Honglan deals damage to all enemies in the line leading to the nearest enemy. Enemies also take damage over time.
Freezing StrikeSub SkillHonglan creates a pillar of ice on the nearest enemy, inflicting damage on all surrounding opponents. If enemies are frozen, they are also stunned for 2 seconds.
Blue Dragon's DignityPassive SkillWhile she is on the battlefield, Honglan generates a frozen mist, reducing the speed of enemies by 10% and their evasion by 15 points.

Of course, as Honglan's level increases, his skills become more and more powerful. You can find all the details of his skills on the official post of Kakao Games.

Also, you may have noticed that some skills trigger additional effects if the enemy is frozen, so don't hesitate to cast Honglan's ulti as often as possible. This effect is further increased if you have equipped Honglan with his "Green Dragon Crescent Blade" artifact in an ideal Eversoul build.

If you want to combine Honglan with other powerful souls to complete your team, visit our tier list Eversoul characters.

How to get Honglan in Eversoul?

We end this Eversoul Honglan guide with the details of how to obtain it. Like all new characters, Honglan has his own Pick-Up banner, which is the only way to get him until March 1.

Eversoul Honglan Pick-Up Banner

If you're lucky like me, you might summon him on your first 10 summons. If not, summoning 40 times on his banner will get you 10 Pick-Up summoning tickets to maximize your chances. Plus, you're guaranteed to get him after 80 summonses thanks to his soul memories.

You will also be able to get Honglan by relying on the daily free rewards and Eversoul Codes. Finally, for the most motivated among you, the Cash Shop offers Pick-Up Packs between €19.99 and €94.99, which will give you Pick-Up summoning tickets, Everstone and many other bonuses.

And that's it, this Eversoul Honglan guide is already over! Don't hesitate to ask us for more info in comments or to give us your feedback on this character who already joins our tier list.

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